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The Top Interior Design Trends of 2022

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For decades, scientists have studied the links between interior design and mental health, proving time and time again that pleasant spaces alleviate stress and anxiety.

So, if your home interior is starting to irritate you, you should act fast before it has a permanent impact on your mental health. Are you already so far gone that you’re out of inspiration before you’ve even started?

Help is at hand. Get your creative juices flowing again with this snapshot of the hippest, happiest interior design trends this year.

Sustainability Is Still Sexy

One of the longest-lived interior design trends is set to stay with us for some time. Nowadays, it’s not only cool to embrace sustainability in design, it’s imperative for our own sake.

Sustainability hinges on just three key principles, as follows:


We must reduce waste and cut carbon emissions to make an impact on our world today. So, before you head out and buy that new sofa, find out where it comes from.

Does the manufacturer embrace low-carbon production methods? Are they doing their best to cut down on waste? Are they positively contributing to society?

You won’t need to search far to find a sustainable supplier, they’ll tell you. Sustainability is a major selling point for products in every industry.


Don’t replace what you can re-use when you revamp your interiors. Would a coat of varnish or a lick of paint suffice, instead of throwing away that old table?

Investigate ways to repurpose furniture items that you no longer need, or donate them to a worthy charity. We’ve long passed the stage where we can throw things away willy-nilly and expect our environment to bear the load.

The recent vintage and grand-millennial trends get this so right.


The golden rule is to avoid supporting industries that manufacture single-use items. Avoid buying newly-minted furniture and fabrics when you can opt for gorgeous items made from recycled materials.

At the very least, buy biodegradable or recyclable items, so they don’t end up cluttering landfills and polluting the environment.

There is a multitude of wonderful decor pieces made from recycled or sustainable materials. Actively shop for these things when you re-design your home.

Natural Colors in Interior Decor

In a similar vein, all the best homes boast finery that mimics the beauty of the natural world. Embrace colors and shapes that mimic what Mother Nature gave us.

Natural colors are never bright or loud. They’re subdued and calming, infusing your interiors with a sense of peace and well-being, just what you need after a stressful day at work or behind your home office desk.

Think bark browns, leafy greens, sandy beige, cloudy white, and blues that mimic the sky and sea.

Don’t forget that the biggest and cheapest natural asset to any home’s interior design is pure sunlight streaming in through large windows, unrestricted by heavy blinds or curtains.

Curvaceous Interior Design Trends

Neutral, natural colors form the perfect backdrop for yet another long-standing design trend. Curved furniture takes the edginess out of your rooms, creating a natural flow and feminine appeal.

While mid-century angles and planes will probably be with us forever, curved furniture is a type of art in itself, adding quirky, comfortable appeal to any room.

These pieces shine when incorporated into an open-plan living room design, where curved sofas and tables are a natural fit. Discover more here in the line of living room trending interior designs.

Cabinets Take Center Stage

They might not be the curviest pieces in town, but cabinets are coming out of the woodwork according to interior design trends for 2022.

The clean lines and simplicity of shaker-style cabinets feature among the top interior designs for this season in kitchens and bathrooms.

Jazz up your cabinets with shaker-style doors in a stand-out color, pop some new (recycled) countertops on them, and you’re good to go. The more eye-catching they are, the better.

Home Entertaining

Outdoor kitchens were all the rage in the summer of 2021, and they’re probably here for good. Yet, this past winter, homeowners took the party indoors by installing home bars for cool weather entertaining.

You can check several design trends off your list when you install a home bar. It’s another place to embrace recycled wood, natural colors, light, curved shapes, and bold cabinetry.

Throw in some colored glassware from your grandmother’s collection, and you’ll be saying ‘cheers’ while entertaining friends before too long.

These throwbacks to the long days of pandemic isolation look like they’re going to be around for some time to come, and nobody’s complaining.

Bringing the Indoors Outdoors

Yet another returning contender for longer-lasting home design trends is the concept of indoor/outdoor living. Huge windows, sliding doors leading onto patios, and natural light are still top choices for homeowners across the nation.

Along with this design trend comes a host of outdoor improvements. Perhaps you’d like to install a pool or landscape your garden spaces? Now’s the time to do it.

Open up your home to the great outdoors and make sure the view is worth it. Green spaces are another top soother for frayed nerves and stressful situations, so embrace them.

Embrace The Best Design For You

The thing about interior design trends is that they come and go. So, unless one of the above speaks to your sense of style, rather go with what makes you happy.

After all, you have to live with the consequences of your decorating choices.

Are you ready to carve a unique path when it comes to design, regardless of the reigning trends? Browse our blog for more of the best home design ideas.

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