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The best shower heads you can choose for your ideal bathroom

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When it comes to renovating your old bathroom or planning to design a new one, lots of important decisions you need to take. Choosing a perfect showerhead is one of the most important factors. It’s the one to drain out your every hectic stress out of your body. Everyone loves to stand under the bathroom shower to feel relaxed after completing a hectic day in the office.

A wide variety is there to choose from. The best one must depend on your personal preferences and requirements. Maybe you like extensive water pressure to feel like a massaging effect on your back. Or maybe you just want to adjust the shower pattern as your mood says.

Here’s we’ve come up with some of the most amazing shower head options that you can choose for your bathroom.

Adjustable or detachable shower heads:

To choose from this category, many options are there. Here, you will get hand-held shower heads and some other forms of detachable showers.

In some of the detachable options, you can adjust the water pressure. Also, you can choose a sliding bar shower head. It helps different heights of people in your family.

Water-saving shower head:

Modern times are more into dry climate and water-saving days. Increasing water bills – we all should be concerned about. So, more people are now looking for practical ways to preserve water. Buy a water-efficient shower head. Now, you can confidently minimize the water usage in your home and protect the environment while taking a leisure shower.

Make sure that your bathroom has higher water pressure because most of these water-saving shower heads constrict the water flow.

Rain shower heads:

In the resorts and spas, you will often find these types of shower heads. You can create a luxurious environment inside your bathroom just like an expensive spa. They are attached to the ceiling instead of being mounted on the bathroom wall. So, you may need to do some plumbing renovation to find a suitable location.

High-pressure shower head:

It’s a great option for fitness-freaks and others who are suffering from muscle tightness and pains. The water pressure is higher than the other shower head varieties. It offers a massaging effect. It helps to soothe your muscles. You will get relieved from your muscle pains as well. It’s a great experience at the end of a long hectic office day or a stressful workout session.

To create a lot of water pressure, you need a good supply of water. Take that factor into consideration while choosing a high-pressure shower head.

Luxurious shower heads:

Sometimes, people look for great-looking bathroom accessories instead of just getting a constant performance. Maybe you want to create a royal-themed bathroom for your newly bought home. Then, a gold shower head will be the best option to match the interior of your bathroom. Make sure, you have bought the full set of shower heads, washbasin and water tap all along to accomplish the design.

Double shower heads:

As the name suggests, these shower heads include two heads. Usually, one of these two heads is detachable, you can use it as a hand shower. Some of these dual shower heads are designed for romantic couples. Share a lovely shower with your spouse.

Outdoor shower head:

These are specifically designed for the people who take outdoor showers. Unlike usual shower heads, these outdoor showers can survive varieties of water conditions like wind and rain being constantly exposed to the sun.

If you have a swimming pool on your home premises, an outdoor shower is a must. Make sure you choose a sturdy shower head for your swimming pool.

Some other popular options are also there – waterfall shower, filtered shower etc. All you need to choose the right option as per your need and preferences.

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