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The Benefits of Pressure Equalization and Terracotta Rainscreen

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If you think about installing a rainscreen for your building, consider a Terracotta rainscreen wall panel. This durable material is made to last and can help you create a striking visual impact on your structure. Argeton terracotta rainscreen tiles are scratch, frost, and UV color resistant. In addition, they do not contain any seals, common in many other types of cladding. They are also fully recyclable, manufactured next to a natural clay quarry.

This cladding system is made of natural, aged raw clay and has high thermal resistance, providing excellent weather and thermal insulation. There are three main Terracotta rainscreen panels: the traditional rainscreen, the ventilated cavity, and the back-ventilated curtain wall system. The advantages of Terracotta rainscreen Wall Panels are listed below:

A typical Terracotta rainscreen system consists of an outer panel with a ventilated cavity and a single, durable inner skin. Because it is pressure-equalized, terracotta rainscreens are often easier to install than other types of rainscreen systems. They also offer tangible environmental benefits and are backed by BBA certification. In addition, its durability makes it a cost-effective option for rainscreen installation, as it isn’t weather-dependent.

The architectural terracotta used in the Hunan Art Museum is an example of a building using the material. This structure is built on the bank of the Xiangjiang River and is a visually striking addition to the urban landscape. Terracotta rainscreens are incredibly durable and resist wind and rain, unlike other materials. However, they should be installed by professionals to avoid any structural problems.

The best part of a Terracotta rainscreen is its longevity. A Terracotta rainscreen can last for over 100 years without losing its color with little maintenance. Fiber cement facades tend to lose color after just a few decades. In addition, a Terracotta rainscreen is much more energy-efficient than precast or sandwich walls. This means saving on energy costs while maintaining a beautiful facade.

An innovative combination of terracotta cladding and a ventilated cavity wall system offers a variety of benefits. In addition to its excellent weather resistance, terracotta rainscreens also provide exceptional acoustic and thermal insulation. These properties enable your building to be more comfortable while maintaining a lower energy bill. In addition, you can choose from multiple color options for your Terracotta rainscreen. So whether you prefer the classic earth tones of terracotta or something a little more modern, there’s sure to be a Terracotta rainscreen system to meet your needs.

The initial costs of installing a Terracotta rainscreen wall panel are lower than precast concrete panels. Still, they require regular maintenance to ensure that they continue protecting your building’s core. In addition to rainscreen wall panels, terracotta rainscreens can create lightweight brise soleil facades. The NBK Terracotta TERRART Baguette is an example of a permeable, open barrier crafted from ceramic pipes.

Considering Terracotta rainscreen walls, a lighter alternative is the XPC product range. This product is suitable for pedestrian areas and is more robust and lightweight than terracotta. For your convenience, XPC is available in various sizes and colors to suit the design of your building. You can also get a complete specification of XTR Extrusion cladding products from Sotech’s website.

Another type of Terracotta rainscreen panel is LOPO’s groove-surface terracotta facade series. The panel features a natural texture and a matte or smooth surface. It also comes in RAL colors and is compatible with terracotta tiles. In addition, LOPO offers different sizes, cutting options, and textured surfaces. Using LOPO Terracotta rainscreen panels as the façade of your building will ensure your building’s charm lasts for a long time.

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