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The Benefits of Installing Tesla Solar Shingles

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Solar installations have slowed due to shortages in recent months, but as the country eagerly awaits finality on the Build Back Better Act, the future looks bright for solar power.

The legislation will help to cut the costs associated with solar installations further and pave the way for a carbon-free electricity sector by 2035. Are you researching your options while you wait to hear how much you can save on solar soon?

Have you considered Tesla roof tiles in your plans? Find out why you shouldn’t overlook Tesla solar shingles and what they have to offer you.

Tesla Solar Shingles Aesthetics

One of the few criticisms leveled at solar panels is that they aren’t the most attractive addition to residential roofs.

Tesla roof tiles and shingles put paid to that argument. These are the most aesthetic types of panels around and come in a range of designs to mimic all the most popular roofing styles.

You can choose from smooth, textured, slate, or Tuscan-styled solar panels when you choose one of these Tesla installations.

So, unlike solar panels, which become an immediate eye-sore on your roof, solar tiles blend right into your existing roof design or help create an entirely new look for your home.

The Durability of Tesla Solar 

Since they’ve only been around since 2016, some homeowners are skeptical about these solar tiles’ durability, even though they come with a 25-year warranty.

It pays to remember that Tesla has access to the same technology and knowledge that drives and defends SpaceX’s explorations. So, you can count on extreme durability when it comes to their solar panels.

The solar shingles have a class 3 impact rating and can stand winds up to 166 miles per hour.

The performance warranty guarantees that the panels will remain at no less than 80% power capacity throughout their lifespan. Additionally, the panels have a comprehensive warranty that covers your system in the event of structural issues and leaks.

Cost-Savings With Tesla Solar Power

There’s no denying that solar shingles are the most expensive option when you decide to go solar.

Yet, when you install solar panels, you’ll need to spend money preparing your home for installation. You must remove any overhanging trees, deal with leaky roof repair, and might even have to replace your whole roof if it’s beyond a certain age.

Not only will Tesla tiles and shingles save you money on electricity bills, but they replace your whole roof. That means the warranty covers you for roof repairs for many years to come.

Be sure to take these expenses into account when you’re pondering the pros and cons of different solar panels.

Find the Best Solutions for Your Home

Are Tesla solar shingles right for you? If you can afford them, there’s no reason not to go ahead and get them installed, especially if you’re due for a roof replacement soon.

Why go ro the expense of installing a new roof, plus solar panels, when you can do both at the same time?

Are you interested in more home improvement hacks that simply make sense? Browse our site for all the best tips.

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