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The Benefits of Getting Natural Stone Countertops

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Did you know that 82% of stone companies expect growth every year? The reason is simple – stone has been a long-time favorite in the home and kitchen, and it’s only getting more popular.

When you consider all the benefits of a natural stone countertop, you’re sure to become a convert. Beyond the aesthetic benefits, a granite or quartz top can provide you with a unique, strong, countertop with long-lasting benefits. 

If you want to learn more about the natural stone hype, read on for our compiled list of all the benefits! 

Rock Hard Resilience

The phrase rock-hard is no misnomer in this case. Natural stone countertops are incredibly durable, so you can throw your worst at them and they’ll still look pristine. 

Whether you’re planning kitchen or bathroom renovations, rest assured your stone countertops will resist scratches, chips, and breaks. If you’re dubious, remember that the stone is so strong that it takes steel-cutting lasers to form slabs of it. It can handle your daily wear and tear with no problem! 

If your countertop does get a chip or needs a repair, this is doable. Luckily, a professional can seamlessly repair the break without tossing the whole slab.

Easy to Clean 

Unlike wood and other countertop materials, granite and quartz don’t absorb stains, grime, or bacteria. Whatever mess you make stays on top of the smooth stone, allowing you to easily wipe it off!

Cleaning will take no more than five minutes, a soft cloth, and some dish soap. It couldn’t be easier! The ease of cleaning is one of the reasons why natural stone is the top choice for kitchen renovations and other messy areas in the house. 


If you thought that stone countertops were only options for the rich, that’s a common misconception! Quartz and granite pieces come in a wide variety of remnant sizes that can fit both your budget and your kitchen. 

Buying a combination of remnants and full slabs allows you to create custom countertops for a fraction of the price. And, despite the relatively low cost, investing in a granite finish countertop can increase the value of your kitchen and your home. Investing in your home will increase its sale price down the line, and gives you a great feature for your listing. 


When you order a quartz top or a granite top, you’re getting a piece made by nature and finished by man. The colors, shapes, and swirls in the stone are entirely unique.

This means you can pick the exact perfect shade for your kitchen, and capture your personal style. And no one else will have one like it! 

Experience the Qualities of Natural Stone Today

No matter where you plan to put it, natural stone provides a unique, durable, and long-lasting solution to your countertops. Don’t waste any more time with artificial, fragile, and difficult-to-clean materials. Invest in your house and experience the difference today.

If you enjoyed learning about the benefits of natural stone countertops, you’re sure to love our other content. Check out our blog for more design and lifestyle advice! 

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