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Teen Bedroom Makeover: 4 Tips to (Re)Design the Perfect Space

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For most companies, 2020 was a year to forget. Not for Home Depot though, which saw 24%+ YOY revenue growth given people’s pandemic focus on home improvement.

If you spent a fair amount of time yourself cruising through Home Depot to punch up your living space, good on you! There are few things more worth investing in than your home.

Getting more specific, if you have a teen that has their own bedroom, we can tell you from experience that they’d love you to apply some of your DIY renovation budget to awarding them a teen bedroom makeover.

When tackling a teen bedroom makeover, there are key things to keep in mind that may vary when compared to things you’d consider for other spaces. Below, our team breaks down what those variances are so you can make sure your bedroom project blows your teen away.

  1. Get Your Teen’s Buy-In

Most teens are highly opinionated. They also enjoy self-expression, which they’ll want to realize in the teenage bedroom ideas that make it to fruition.

While many of us think we have a better eye for design than our teens, remember, your teen is the one that has to live in the room you’re designing. For that reason, make sure you get their buy-in as you make various decisions that’ll affect their space.

The more in agreeance the two of you are, the smoother and more rewarding your project will be.

  1. Land on a Color Palette

You should have a couple of chief colors that guide a lot of your design decisions. There are no right or wrong answers as to which palette you should lean on—just make sure that palette looks good and makes sense for your space.

Coming up with a color palette is something you can do organically, by noting a few complimentary colors you like. You can also head over to color palette websites that’ll give you a virtually unlimited amount to pick from!

  1. Always Go for That Accent Piece

Whether it’s a bright chair or a unique standing mirror, always invest in an accent piece when tackling a DIY teen bedroom makeover. Doing so will help give your overall design a pop that your teen will love.

Accent pieces tend to sport colors that are outside of your palette. If you don’t like accents that clash on color, you can grab an accent that is in your palette but is shaped uniquely enough that it still manages to stand out.

  1. Start With Low Clutter

Teens clutter their spaces. That’s inevitable. The best advice we can give you to make sure that their room doesn’t become overly cluttered is to hand them a room that feels neat.

While there are great-looking rooms that have a lot of traffic in the way of knick-knacks, believe us when we say that a pre-cluttered room that gets additional clutter from teen inhabitants can turn into a fire hazard (we’re only partially joking).

Start Your Teen Bedroom Makeover This Weekend

Tackling a teen bedroom makeover can be a fun activity for the family. We hope our simple suggestions have gotten the wheels turning in your head and have inspired you to tackle this project sooner rather than later.

If you find yourself in need of more teen bedroom ideas as you continue down this road, check out more of the helpful real estate content on our blog.

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