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Sustainable Home Improvement Ideas Everyone Should Try Out In 2022

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Not only has the pandemic failed to slow down the house remodeling industry, but it has also led to a drastic rise in remodeling projects since it began. As people had to confine themselves within the premises of their house, the need for upgrading their humble abode increased tenfold. It encouraged many homeowners to take up home improvement projects to create learning and working spaces.

Amidst this, people are now focusing on making sustainable home improvements, from installing solar panels to compost bins. The reason is that sustainable improvements help reduce waste and its impact on the environment. In addition to that, these improvements also boost well-being while significantly saving energy. Besides, due to the pandemic, everyone has realized how crucial it is to protect our environment. For this particular reason, let us discuss some of the top sustainable home improvement ideas you should try in 2022.

1. Deconstruct, don’t demolish

Suppose you are planning to expand your house structure or change the interior. In that case, you must focus on deconstructing the place step by step instead of demolishing it and starting from scratch. The reason is that if you take your time deconstructing the place, you’ll find many different useful items that you can reuse or repurpose. For instance, you can reuse tiles, bricks, lighting fixtures, molding, etc. Instead of demolishing each of these things to the ground, consider taking them down one by one and using them again.

Moreover, once you have set out on a wide-scale renovation project, store your valuables and large furniture items somewhere safe. Nowadays, you can find storage units of various sizes to suit your needs. What’s more, you can store items as big as an RV or even a boat in such storage facilities. If you are a resident of Birmingham, we’d suggest you look for “boat storage Birmingham AI” and hire their reliable units.

2. Install energy-efficient lights

Sustainable home upgrades are all about saving energy and money, and installing energy-efficient lights helps achieve this. Compared to other bulbs and lights, LEDs utilize 90% less electricity, allowing you to save energy and money.

On average, it saves a person more than $200 a year. These subtle changes are not only sustainable but also make a big difference in your bills. Apart from that, there are other smart ways you can save energy. For example, using heavier curtains to keep the cooling in during summertime can help minimize air-con utilization. Moreover, installing big windows will allow more sunlight into your home, diminishing the need for using light during the day.

3. Use reclaimed, recycled, or repurposed material

We have all grown up learning about reducing, reusing, and recycling. These processes are no exception when taking up home improvement products. For example, you can reduce building waste by reusing the same material and outfitting as before after the construction is over. Doing so doesn’t only reduce waste from construction but also saves you a lot of money.

Moreover, another sustainable solution is using repurposed wood, doors, beams, floors, hardware, etc., instead of buying new stuff. If the material is structurally strong and sound, and available in the right size and quantity, then save money by using it instead of opting for everything new. Not only will it save you money and reduce waste, but it will also help in giving your home a rustic and antique aesthetic.

4. Upgrade or seal your doors and windows

The national department of energy estimates that almost 30% of the energy is wasted due to windows. The reason is that drafty doors and windows allow the outer weather to slip inside. As a result, you have to use more indoor energy to keep your home warm or cool according to the season. Hence, if you are tired of spending money on skyrocketing bills, then consider installing energy-efficient doors and windows. These windows and doors keep the heat outside or the cold air from escaping from these drafty doors and windows.

If replacing your doors and windows costs too much, then you can upgrade them with an energy-saving solution. Use caulk glaze, window treatments, or door snakes to reseal the gaps.

5. Switch to solar energy

Many solar appliances have become accessible and affordable in the past few years. Keeping in mind how they help save energy, consider installing solar panels on your roof. And now’s the perfect time to do so because the prices of solar panels have dropped by 70%. Nonetheless, you must know that solar panels are not a good fit for every house for specific reasons. And even though their price has dropped, they’re still expensive.

Suppose solar panels seem like too big of an investment. In that case, you can switch to solar energy-powered appliances such as a water heater. Since water heaters use up to 20% of the house’s energy, solar energy water heaters are a sustainable and viable solution. These solar water heaters use solar energy to heat, insulate, and store hot water for a long time.

6. Use eco-friendly paint

Painting the house is always on the top of home improvement lists. However, to make the process more sustainable, use eco-friendly paint that doesn’t contain VOC.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) are chemicals found in refrigerants, pharmaceuticals, and paints. These compounds release into the air, becoming harmful gases that are detrimental to the environment and human health. At present, VOC is only found in cheap products. Therefore, consider using VOC-free paint if you plan to repaint your home. It doesn’t adversely affect the environment or your health.


If you want to keep your home functional, energy-efficient, and aesthetically pleasing, you’ll have to make a few changes. However, the current economy and state of the environment demand that you choose to make sustainable decisions. While these sustainable upgrades will have little impact on the quality of your lifestyle, if not improve it, you will still be able to save energy and money. In the long run, you’ll significantly benefit from such sustainable and environmental-friendly decisions. Therefore, if you haven’t thought about making sustainable changes, now is a perfect time.


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