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Style A Console Table Like A Pro with These 5 Designer Tips

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Console hall tables are the first thing that you encounter when you come into your home, so making yours look and feel as inviting as possible is important – it sets the whole tone of your space! Table styling can seem scary, all the inspiration that you’re gathering is most likely stunning and seemingly effortlessly put together – all of a sudden, you have zero faith in any of your own abilities or personal taste, we’ve all been there. Pause on your scrolling rampage, throw out the self-doubt and instead, follow these simple tips to style your console table like a total pro…

Start Simple

An easy way to trip yourself up early on is by getting too complicated, too quickly. Avoid trying to put together some intricate, set-like design if you’ve never done it before, chances are, it’s just not going to end all that well. Instead, start by gathering a modest number of items that you’d like to have on your console table. These should have an overarching theme and be somewhat simple. This means that if you have the choice between a smooth round bowl or a complicated sculpture-like object, and you want to style it with other items, then you should choose the former. This will make layering and creating formations far easier.

Keep It Cohesive

As touched on above, your objects need to have an overarching aesthetic, and this theme needs to coincide with the rest of your home. Just think, a minimalist hallway is not going to flow with a rustic style household, right? Take a look around your house and see if you can pull out a direction, if it’s all very modern then you’ll want to veer towards contemporary cool sculptures, a simple colour palette and metallic finishes. Perhaps it’s more French Provincial or classic? Scalloping, lace, china ceramics and floral detailing will suit your console better. By styling in accordance with the rest of your home, it’s hard to get your console table scene wrong!

Give Yourself a Colour Palette

Another common beginner’s mistake is that people don’t give themselves guidelines to follow. Once you’ve identified a design theme that you’re styling within, it’s time to allocate a colour palette. This can be anything you like within the confines of your theme! You shouldn’t be going for bold bright colours when you’re styling a minimalist look. Try to curate about three colours to work with, ideally two neutrals with one accent tone.

Odds, Not Evens

A little known but religiously followed (in the design world) interior décor tip is to stick to odd numbers instead of even. The human brain just responds better to odd numbers. For a minimalist console, place three objects, for a traditional feel opt for 5 and if you want to go for a luxe, opulent look then gather seven or even nine different ornate pieces to play around with.

Try, Try and Try Again

Lastly, don’t put too much pressure on yourself! The strongest talent that any designer has is that they trust their own abilities and vision enough to fail and try again. Try out a few different formations and snap pictures as you go, that way you can track the styling process and pick your favourite one at the end! Taking the time to mess up and do it again will mean that you end up with a scene that you truly love coming home to every single day.

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