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Some Virtual Staging Helpful Tips

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Virtual Staging involves placing photorealistic virtual furnishings into property pictures. It helps potential buyers visualize their future home and is proven to boost property appeal significantly.

Here are some guides to virtually stage a vacant property for a better sale:

Be Mindful of the Photos

Since virtual stages are applied mostly on photographs and videos, the resolution and quality of the virtual staging product are dependent on the resolution and quality of the original photo. So it is advised that you go for cameras with high definition and resolution that you need.

Include all the Main Rooms in Your Virtual Staging

Clients who want to acquire a new property wish to gather all the necessary information they can on the property, therefore the more external and internal photographs of the property you include, the better. Rooms like the dining room, kitchen, the living room, the master bathroom and the master bedroom should be explicitly featured. Be sure to upload as many photographs as possible online after you have virtually staged a property.

Stage the House Generously

Over staging a house can make it look unreal and compacted. Your virtually staged products are meant to be sold therefore consider the taste of your potential buyers ahead of your taste

Avoid Misrepresentation

To avoid a misinterpreted virtually staged photo, showing before (vacant property) and after photo (virtually staged photo) is advisable to enable customers to have a multi-dimensional view about the listing. This will help avoid a scenario where buyers feel cheated to see a less appealing property to what they see in photographs. Therefore avoid misrepresenting of features.

Seek Professional Help

Virtual Staging requires expertise, homeowners may try to use some software to stage their houses virtually, but the result might be unreal and unprofessional. Hiring a photographer with virtual staging skill and experience can do the trick for you.

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