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Single Hung vs Double Hung Windows: Which Is Right for Your Home?

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Are you ready to pick out windows? Regardless of if you are having a new home constructed or giving your existing home an upgrade, there are many window options to choose from.

In fact, for some, all the choices can be quite overwhelming. However, before you begin looking at all the shapes and trims available, you must decide between single hung vs double hung windows.

This doesn’t have to be a difficult decision. Keep reading for some tips to help you decide.

Operating Sashes

Modern double-hung windows are manufactured with two sashes. These are designed so they both move up and down. Single-hung windows feature a single (as the name implies) operational sash.

A benefit of double-hung windows is that it is easier to clean the top sash. This makes it an appealing option for some homeowners and a top reason they request this style from the window installation contractor.

Cost Considerations

Usually, single hung windows will cost less than the double-hung style. One of the main reasons for this is because they do not have as many moving parts. This makes them easier to manufacture.

Also, installation for single hung windows is usually cheaper (again, fewer moving parts). Double-hung windows require more work to ensure they are airtight.

Sometimes, if the homeowner specifies no window option, builders will go with single hung option because they are more affordable. This helps to reduce the cost of the project.

Ventilation Control

A single hung window provides ventilation control based on the amount you open the bottom sash. As a result, it only makes sense that a single hung window would not be able to provide as much ventilation as double-hung options.

With a double-hung window, you can open the top sash for ventilating hot air, and the bottom can be opened to circulate air. This “in-and-out” ability provides more versatility and ventilation.

Energy Efficiency

If a double-hung window is not closed properly, the sashes may create a gap. This can result in the loss of cooled or heated air.

Having a single operation sash makes it possible to seal and lock easily and properly. Also, with a single hung window, you can avoid the issues that may arise if the top sash slides down when unlocked or if it is not pushed up tight enough.

While this is true, if you ensure a double-hung window is closed properly, it will be much more energy-efficient than you may realize.

Choosing Between Single Hung vs Double Hung Windows

When trying to decide between single hung vs double hung windows, several factors keep in mind. Considering the things above will help you choose the window design best suited for your home and needs. Remember, the right option is dependent on your needs and your budget.

Did you find the information here helpful and informative? Are you looking for more tips and resources? If so, be sure to check out some of our other blogs.

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