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Responsible Disposal of Liquid Waste

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Every company needs to have a strategic way of disposing of their liquid waste.They must follow up on the systematic flow of action from when the waste is collected to when it is disposed of. There are regulations which govern the disposal of both liquid and solid waste and all companies must adhere to them. The process of disposing of liquid waste is different from the disposal of gas and solid waste. The approved techniques of disposing of liquid waste are meant to reduce their impact on the environment. They include the following;

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  • Sedimentation and Dewatering

This method works by separating water from solid waste. It is used on non-hazardous liquid waste.The liquid waste is placed in a sediment basin to get rid of contaminants.Water that is free of contaminants will be left in the basin and it may be treated as needed.The solid water is disposed of in landfills.

Dewatering is another effective way of disposing of liquid waste if it is not hazardous. The liquid is pumped into a bag. When water is removed, the solid water remains behind and is disposed of in a landfill.

These methods work very well for non-hazardous liquid. It can, however, be expensive to get rid of the solid waste.

  • Incineration

This is a great way for disposing of hazardous liquid wastes. It works by using heat which is produced by a fluidized bed furnace.It is a great way of disposing of oils, acids, and other toxic chemicals.The liquid that remains after incineration does not contain contaminants.Even though this method is very effective, it can be expensive to build, maintain, and operate.

  • Solidification

Some companies choose to get rid of their liquid waste by solidifying it.The liquid may be turned into solid by adding ash, lime dust, or sawdust. Other companies use other technologies to solidify their liquid waste. This method is popular because solid waste is easier to dispose of than liquid waste.

  • Composting

It is possible to dispose of liquid waste by composting.In this method, the liquid is extracted from the waste and the leftover is made into organic fertilizer.It is a great option since the resulting fertilizer will be rich in sodium, nitrogen, and potassium.

  • Root Zone

This method of liquid waste disposal is used to dispose of waste from the kitchen and bathroom drains.The liquid is taken through a sedimentation tank and filtered.Water that remains behind is recycled or released into nature. The downside of this method is that it may be expensive.

  • Disposal

Some companies hire other companies to help them get rid of their solid waste. Oates Environmental is one company that offers waste disposal services to other companies.The benefit of hiring a disposal company is that you can leave the work to them and focus on the core functions of your company.

When choosing a method to dispose of your liquid waste, you need to think about your budget limits, the needs of your company and the impact of your waste on the environment.

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