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Realtors Guide to the Greenest NYC Suburbs

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New York City is the most populated city in America. This giant is split into five boroughs, each with a unique character. However, being the most populous city means that there is a lot of concrete. After all, all those people need to work and live somewhere. It can get tiring to look at all those looming skyscrapers after a while. Because of this, more and more people are turning their gaze toward the quieter areas of the city.

People who wish to get away from the hustle and bustle prefer living in the suburbs. One of the main reasons people move to the NYC suburbs is that they are much greener and less urban. If you are planning to move to NYC but wish to go somewhere less gray, we are here to help. Here are some of the greenest NYC suburbs for you to consider.

Forest Hills Gardens, Queens

This neighborhood is relatively close to the city, yet far enough to have its peace and quiet. Forest Hills Gardens is one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the Queens borough. It is one of America’s oldest planned communities, too. The architecture and the layout of Forest Hills Gardens were inspired by England’s so-called “garden cities”. This means that great care has been given to the very organization of the area’s layout. Special attention has been given to maintaining the authenticity of the neighborhood and its greenery.

Furthermore, the exterior appearance of the houses is one of the things people in this neighborhood pay great attention to. They are built to look pretty much how the houses a hundred years ago did. Forest Hills Gardens residents take great pride in the traditionalistic theme of their neighborhood. Everyone has to maintain such a look to keep the neighborhood uniform. It is thanks to this that the neighborhood looks like an idyllic paradise. 

Riverdale, Bronx

Of the five New York City boroughs, the Bronx is the one most covered in green space. It is home to the city’s largest park, Pelham Bay Park, and many others that cover almost a quarter of the whole borough. Because of this, it is no wonder that the Bronx is one of the areas most often recommended to people who are looking for the greenest NYC suburbs.

Riverdale is but a small piece of this lush paradise. Because it once served as a summer resort for the wealthy, Riverdale is now dotted with Tudor-style mansions. Today, Riverdale is more diverse regarding housing. You can find houses and complexes of various sizes here. This makes it an excellent location for families of all sizes to live in.

In case you are moving here from a long distance, you should get informed about the transfer of your belongings with the moving companies that operate within the  Bronx borough. Moving companies are also an excellent way to get additional information about the places you are interested in. They operate within a plethora of neighborhoods and might be able to help if you need advice.

Bronxville, New York

Located in southern Westchester County, just fifteen miles north of midtown Manhattan, this village offers plenty of greenery. Bronxville is a very peaceful village with about seven thousand residents. 

It is the perfect place for those who wish to be surrounded by lush trees and well-maintained yards, but who also want to have an urban feel. In addition, this neighborhood has many shops, markets, bars, and restaurants for you to visit. Its proximity is quite close to Manhattan itself, making Bronxville a perfect place for those who commute often. After a long day’s work in the concrete jungle, one can return to this small paradise in less than thirty minutes by train.

Muttontown, New York

Muttontown gets its name after its rich history in sheep raising. In the colonial period, this village was known for its trade in wool and meat. Its tight-knit community takes great care to maintain the neighborhood’s natural environment and unique character. The town has a tree reservation policy where trees can be removed only via permit. In addition, quite often the resident is required to plant a new tree for each one they cut down. 

With a population of less than four thousand, Muttontown is a relatively small area compared to others in New York City. It is perfect for those who want to live peacefully in a smaller community. If you wish to live in a place that gives off a rural feeling and is just twenty-five miles away from Manhattan, there is no better option than Muttontown. And with the right assistance found on bestmovers.nyc, you can settle in here with no trouble at all.

Rye Brook, Westchester

Rye Brook is a village located within the town of Rye, Westchester County. Its community is one of many that hold the status of a Tree City USA. Founded in 1976, the Tree City USA program’s purpose is to promote public tree protection and expansion. This status is given to communities that satisfy the criteria for the maintenance and expansion of public trees. Rye has maintained the status of Tree City USA for fourteen years. This alone is enough to tell you what to expect to find in Rye Brook. The results of its community’s care for its environment are also the reason Rye Brook is on our list of the greenest NYC suburbs.

Rye Brook village focuses heavily on family life. The community focuses on keeping neighborly relationships with each other and is always there for each other. This place is definitely for those who want a quieter lifestyle and to actively take care of their environment.

Final thoughts

Looking at the grey buildings of a large city every day can get very tiring. It is why more and more people today are looking to live in the suburbs. Although one can fill their home with indoor plants and pretend they are in a forest, living in an area surrounded by greenery is much better overall.  

Unfortunately, we can’t escape city life since that is where jobs are easiest to find. We can, however, find a cozy place on the outskirts to return to once we are done with work. Now you know some of the greenest NYC suburbs to consider if you are looking to move to New York. Good luck! 

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Meta: There are many lush areas hidden within the concrete jungle that is New York City. We are listing some of the greenest suburban areas in NYC.

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