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Quick Roof Coating Guide for Homeowners

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It’s true that a roof replacement can yield an ROI of up to 60% when you sell your home. It’s also true that this home refurbishment option can cost upwards of $8,000.

Would you like to avoid this huge expense? There’s another way to ensure your roof stays as good as new for as long as possible.

Here’s what you should know about roof coatings albuquerque nm for your home. 

What Is Roof Coating?

We’ve all heard about commercial roof coatings, but what do they have to do with your residential roof? Roof coatings are usually applied as part of the roof restoration process.

This is how it works:

  • Initial assessment and recommendations
  • The contractor replaces cracked and broken
  • Flexible pointing’s applied to set and seal your ridge caps
  • Re-bedding of your roofs ridge caps
  • High-pressure washing
  • Gable repairs 
  • Sealant application
  • Colored roof coating application

This process gives your roof a good-as-new appearance at the fraction of the cost of a roof replacement.

What Are the Benefits of Roof Coatings?

Roof coatings offer improved protection for your roof by adding an extra layer of protection against hail. They can also help reduce your energy costs.

That because a light-colored reflective roof coating deflects the sun’s UV rays instead of absorbing them, helping to keep your home cool. 

Types of Residential Roof Coatings

If you have a low-slope roof on your house, you can take advantage of any of the usual flat roof coating options like metal roof coating or liquid applied coating. However, things work a little differently for homes with pitched roofs.

These are the types of roof coatings available for residential applications:

Asphalt Emulsion Coating

This roof coating consists of water-dispersed asphalt particles emulsified with bentonite clay. They’re installed in three layers.

As such, asphalt emulsion coatings are one of the strongest and most water-resistant roof coatings available. 

Acrylic Roof Coating

Acrylic roof coatings are the cheapest and easiest to install of all residential roof coatings. They’re water-based and applied with a sprayer.

They provide excellent UV protection and help your home stay cool in the hottest weather and are an exceptionally durable option.  

Silicone Roof Coating

Silicone roof coating offers a durable defense against the elements for your residential roof.

It can endure water exposure for years without degrading and resists everything nature throws at it. Silicone roof coatings can withstand hail, wind, debris, and even hurricanes.

Silicone roof coatings are resilient, durable, and eco-friendly and are usually applied with either a roller or a sprayer. 

Rubber Roof Coating

These roof coatings consist of an acrylic polymer emulsion engineered for excellent elastic, protective, and adhesive qualities.

They’re applied via brush or sprayer and cure to a seamless membrane to provide a layer of protection against UV radiation, corrosion, and punctures. 

Make Great Choices for Your Home

Decisive action when it comes to your roof can save you thousands down the line. The sooner you decide to apply a roof coating to your home, the longer your roof will last.

Would you like some more solutions to ensure your home stays at its best for longer? Browse our blog for more great ideas.

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