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Pool Cleaning: Top 3 Pro Tips for Keeping Your Pool In Top Shape

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There are currently over 10 million residential pools in the US. Unfortunately, while owning a pool is quite popular, most people aren’t aware of how to properly clean and maintain their pools. As you can imagine, a poorly maintained pool can lead to hazardous health effects.

Do you need tips for cleaning your pool? If so, in today’s article, we’ve prepared a couple of professional pool cleaning tips for you to follow.

1. Learn How to Clean Your Pool the Right Way

As mentioned before, pool cleaning is essential to keep the water safe for swimming. So, if you want to clean your pool properly, you’ll need at least two things: a pole brush and a skimmer rake. Let’s take a moment to discuss each of these tools. 

Pole Brush

With the pole brush, you’ll want to scrub down the walls and floor of the pool. Brushing these parts of the pool will remove any algae and mineral deposits in your pool. Additionally, you can use a pool cleaning robot, which helps in your weekly pool maintenance.

Skimmer Rake 

If you don’t have a pool cover, you may notice that leaves, bugs, and pollen usually fall into the pool. As you can guess, after a couple of hours, the debris will sink to the bottom, which then becomes food for algae. So, before that happens, be sure to scoop up any debris that falls onto the pool.

Be sure to follow these pool cleaning tips to keep your pool safe from hazardous bacteria.

2. Make Sure to Perform Pool Maintenance Often

Another way to keep your pool safe from harmful bacteria is making sure it has the correct amount of chemicals. You can check the chemical balance with a water testing strip, which will indicate the amount of chlorine and pH the pool currently has.

If you notice that the chlorine in the water runs out quickly, you may want to add a pool stabilizer to slow down the process.

3. Shock Your Pool at Least Once a Week

A lesser-known fact about pool cleaning is that of “shocking” the pool. This doesn’t mean you’re going to run an electrical current through it, so don’t get any crazy ideas! Shocking a pool means adding a large amount of chlorine to the water.

By shocking the pool, you’ll remove any harmful bacteria and also keep the pool water clear. Be sure to wear protective gear such as gloves and a mask while shocking the pool.

Pool Cleaning Is Needed if You Want to Swim Safely

Pool cleaning isn’t something you should wait to do. On the contrary, it needs to be done often to avoid problems with your health and your pool’s structure. And, if you need extra help, be sure to contact a local pool cleaning company to professionally clean and maintain your pool.

Do you have any pool cleaning tips? Let us know in the comment section below! And if you want more pro cleaning and maintenance tips for your home, be sure to check out our other posts!

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