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Pest Control 101: How to Protect Your Home

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Over the last year, more than 14 million households reported seeing roaches or rodents in their homes. There are few things in life as unsettling as realizing you’re sharing your home with pests. However, the good news is that there are things you can do to prevent and eliminate pests in your home. 

Whether you’re currently dealing with a pest problem or you just want to be prepared for a possible pest infestation, we’re here to help. 

Read through our best pest control tips to learn how to protect your home. 

Pay Attention to Warning Signs

First things first, you need to pay attention to signs around your house that you may have pests. By noticing these signs right away, it will be easier for you to eliminate them before a full infestation breaks out. 

Here are some of the things you might notice if you have pests in your home:

  • Small droppings on the floor or behind appliances
  • Unpleasant smells
  • Damage to wood or fabric around your home
  • Strange sounds within your walls or around your home at night
  • Discarded body parts like wings or fur
  • Damaged plants

Of course, some of these warning signs are more dangerous than others. For example, knocking sounds within your walls could indicate a termite infestation, in which case you’d need to hire a specific termite exterminator

Clean Your Kitchen

One of the best pest control tips you can do is also a simple one. Keep your kitchen clean. After you cook, be sure to wipe down your counters to remove crumbs, which pests like to feast on. It’s also a good idea to sweep regularly so there’s nothing they can eat on the ground. 

Additionally, be sure to store any food left on the counters in airtight containers. 

Clean Your Bathrooms

Like kitchens, bathrooms can also be a breeding ground for pests, if you’re not careful. Damp, dark places like drains are attractive to pests, so be sure to keep your drains clear of hair and soap particles and cover them when not in use if you can. Additionally, keep your sinks, showers, and tubs dry, as standing water can attract certain pests.

You’ll also want to regularly wash your shower curtain so it doesn’t get covered in mildew or mold. 

Seal Cracks Around Your Home

If your home is a bit older, you likely have small cracks around your doors and windows from your house settling over time. Unfortunately, these small cracks can be just the opportunity a pest needs to enter your home. 

Help prevent them from ever coming in by using caulk to seal those gaps. While you do that, be sure to check your window screens for holes as well, which some pests may use to come inside. If you see any holes, replace the screens as soon as you can. 

Remember These Pest Control Tips

Now that you’ve read through our top pest control tips, we hope you feel more prepared to identify and prevent an infestation in your home. 

For more home-focused content like this, be sure to check out our full selection of articles before you go!

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