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Paver Problems: Is It Expensive to Seal Pavers?

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Pavers: they’re a beautiful addition to any home. But their constant maintenance to keep them looking new can put a strain on your wallet. So how can you protect your investment without breaking the bank?

Start by looking into seal pavers! They’re relatively inexpensive for quality work. And they won’t make your wallet run for cover!

Keep reading to learn about the benefits and a breakdown of the cost to seal pavers!

The Benefits of Seal Pavers

Sealing your paver can turn your dirty, fading stone back into its beautiful lustrous form with a semi-gloss or matte finish. Check out sealing pavers before and after photos to get an idea of what finish you’d prefer!

Other sealing pavers pros include:

  • Preventing weeds and grass from growing in between the joints.
  • Reducing moss and mildew growth.
  • Deterring insects.
  • Helping to prevent oil and grease stains.
  • Protecting the bricks from becoming loose or cracking.

while also assuring that the value is sealed in for years and years.

How to Seal Patio Pavers

Pavers are made from brick or other naturally cut stone. The material used on yours will determine the type of sealer you need.

If your paver is laid with joint sand, choose a water-based sealer. They penetrate the pavers to form a barrier that repels water. Using this seal will prevent cracking, mold, mildew, salt damage, and spalling.

You can also choose to use an acrylic paver sealer. They enhance and protect by giving your paver a wet look using a glossy finish. It’ll still protect from any deterioration caused by water exposure.

As well as surface abrasions. These can also be used on your paver driveway.

The Cost to Seal Pavers

On average, professional seal pavers charge $1.00 to $1.50 per SQ foot.

So, if the area is 1,000 Sq Ft, then you’re paying $1,000 to $1,500 for the job. But before your wallet runs for cover, consider this:

This price includes the cleaning, sanding, and sealing of the paver. And you’re paying for a high-quality sealer and professional labor.

Sure, you can choose to seal pavers yourself if you feel you’re good with your hands. The cost of the materials will set you back anywhere from $300 to $500. But the cheaper price comes with its downsides.

You can’t buy the high-quality sealer used by a professional company on a store shelf. And if you make a mistake during the process, you run the risk of ruining the pavement. That’ll mean more money lost.

The cost to seal pavers by a professional then becomes more cost effective and less stress on you! Plus getting a quote is free!

Add that to the list of sealing pavers pros!

Seal Pavers Will Save You Time and Money

Tired of weeds and grass making your paver look like a jungle? Want to protect it from the elements, but a DIY project isn’t your idea of a fun weekend?

Then you need Seal Pavers!

From your driveway to your patio or pool deck, Seal Pavers protect your investment without leaving you pennyless!

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