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Lawn Weed Killer: 5 Secrets You Should Know

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You wake up one day, look out onto your lawn and you see nothing but weeds! This is the case for many Americans who thought they had a perfectly healthy lawn until they appear overnight.

But before you jump straight in with any old lawn weed killer, we recommend you learn some weed killer secrets. Learn these tips and you’ll be in a much better position to deal with your current and future weed infestations with confidence.

1. Prevention Is Key

Creating a climate that is not conducive to weed growth is the best long-term lawn weed control solution. The main way to do this is to have solid plant care routines in place.

The idea is that if you have healthy plants that thrive, it becomes a lot more difficult for weeds to sprout up and take over your lawn. For instance, choose plants that are suited to the microclimate where you live. Also, ensure shade-loving and non-shade-loving plants are in their proper place.

2. Understand What You Are Dealing With

Lawn weeds identification is crucial to understanding how to kill them. There is no one size fits all weed killer or methodology to eliminate weeds from your lawn and elsewhere.

A good option is to hire professionals to come in to determine the best lawn weed killer, like these guys: https://rdslawncare.com/. When you do this, you probably will end up saving time and money, as you won’t have to go through a process of trial and error trying to find the lawn weed control method that works best.

3. Know You’re Impacting the Environment

If you are not an expert in common lawn weeds and weed control, you might end up damaging more than you bargained for. Many weed-killing products will affect your lawn in detrimental ways which may take a long time to correct.

That’s why we have to emphasize that hiring a lawn weed control service is the way forward. They will try to have minimal impact on the environment while getting the job done.

4. Follow Instructions

If you are going to attempt to kill the weeds alone, then ensure you read and follow the instructions. If you don’t, you could get in trouble.

The Environmental Protection Agency is the overseer of standards when it comes to weed control products. And when you don’t follow their guidelines, you might be going against federal law!

5. Natural and Organic Herbicides

Although many natural and organic herbicides are much less harmful than artificial ones, they still can pose a threat to surrounding vegetation. The key is to not overdo the concentrations.

Instead, take a staged approach. This is where you try a certain dosage and see what happens. If that level of herbicide didn’t work so well, up the dosage ever so slightly.

Lawn Weed Killer Secrets Revealed

Follow these lawn weed killer secrets and you should be well on your way to regaining a healthy beautiful lawn. And we recommend professional help whenever in doubt.

Many thanks for checking out this quick post. If you find it useful, why not check out some of our other informative posts.

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