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Is My Water Heater Broken? 5 Key Warning Signs

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Is your water heater broken? You may not notice straight away. But, keep reading, and you may learn how to find out.

How can you figure out if your water heater’s broken? Let’s have a quick look at five key signs of a broken water heater.

Is Your Water Heater Broken?

Water heaters are known to break from time to time. We use them every day, so, over time, they will grow worn out.

Unfortunately, not all signs of a broken water heater are visible. Sometimes you could miss them if you weren’t careful. You may be lucky. It may just be your water heater knob broken.

Let’s look at other ways to figure out if you have a broken water heater. Once you figure it out, look into hiring someone to fix it for you. Check it out here for more information.

Time Tells All Tales

As mentioned above, time can break your water heater as much as anything else. There is a chance that it looks fine, but inside may be old and ready to go.

To learn when your tank was issued, check the barcode. The first three digits will be a letter and two numbers.

The letter’s placement in the alphabet, A-L, will state the month number. For example, F would be June.

The two numbers are the last two numbers of the year. So, 2021 would be 21.

F21 = June 2021. Try to replace your heater once every ten years.

There’s Rust in Your Water

Age causes steel to rust. If you are noticing rust in your water supply, chances are you have found your water heater broken.

Have you seen rust around the tank at places like the inlet? If so, the rust has likely got inside the tank as well.

Drinking rusty water¬†isn’t harmful. But that doesn’t mean it’s not still time to change your water tank.

You Can Hear Strange Noises

Your water tank will make noises when it turns on. But keep an ear out for if it starts rumbling. The rumbling is not a good sign.

The noise could be due to sediment build-up in the tank. It coats the bottom of the tank and could lead your tank to leak.

You may not need to replace your tank, though. Call someone out to flush the tank for you and see if that fixes the problem. If it doesn’t, then it’s a new water tank for you.

The Unit Is Leaking

If you notice your hot water pressure is low, this may be due to a leak in the tank. Check your tank and connecting pipes to see if you can find it.

If you leave this problem for too long, it could cause severe damage to your home. Fixing the damage will cost you more than replacing the water heater.

Water Stays Cold

Is your hot water coming out cold? A lack of hot water may be a result of a few different problems.

You could have a broken thermostat that is stopping your water from heating up. The part of the unit that heats the water may have failed. Your tank may be too small to heat your home.

The latter will be the biggest problem. If your tank is being overworked, it will need replacing.

Now You Know

Has your water heater broken? Now you will know how to answer that question.

Check the age of the tank. Look out for rust.

Listen for the rumble. Search for a leak.

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