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Is Being in Water the Way to Better Mental Health? How to Use Water Meditation

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Water has a long history of healing, safety, and transcendence to an altered state of consciousness. Considering the human body is around 60 percent water, it’s no wonder that seeing, feeling, or hearing water brings us so much comfort.  

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Water meditation draws on the natural human longing for ‘blue space’ above all other natural environments. Indeed, water is so much bigger and more powerful than anything on Earth, it offers us a sense of perspective and calm like nothing else. 

But what is water meditation and how can it help you to relax? Keep reading to find out more!

Become One With Water

While you might imagine that you would need to be in a vast ocean to practice guided water meditation, you can find the same transformative power in all bodies of water, including your bathtub. 

To see for yourself how powerful water meditation can be, run a bath and set the scene with natural elements like fresh flowers. Or, for an even more natural experience, you could meditate in your backyard spa pool. No hot tub outside? Check them out here!

As you sink into the water, pay attention to your breathing and listen to your heartbeat. This will help you draw on the Taoist water method meditation technique of wu-wei or ‘non-doing’ as you become one with the water surrounding you. 

Wash Away Obstacles 

Taoist water method meditation refers to a gentle rain that helps dissolve obstacles to our spiritual growth. Just as water wears away rock, a warm shower can lead you closer to your true inner being as you wash away the stress and tension of a long day. 

Focus on the feeling of the water on your skin and the warmth as it hits your body. Listen to the gentle rain as a form of water sounds meditation. Clearing your head and reflecting on physical sensations will help bring clarity and calm. 

Even splashing water on your face is enough to trigger the mammalian diving response. As your body believes it is about to go swimming underwater, your heart rate drops you feel more relaxed. 

Go to the Source

Many of us are drawn to bodies of water, finding peace and purity in ocean waves and tranquil lakes. This is evidence of our ‘blue mind’ seeking out the restorative benefits of water. 

If you’re lucky enough to live near a body of water, go there and listen to the waves crashing as a form of water sounds meditation, or follow the ebb and flow of the river with your eyes. Feel your own tides change as you release your inner tensions to the water and find peace in its power. While you’re there, dip your toes in, splash water on your face, or jump in and enjoy the grounding force of becoming one with this natural body of water.  

Try These Water Meditation Methods Today

Water is a life force that runs through our very bodies. Water meditation allows us to connect back to the natural world through the power of water as it heals our bodies, relaxes our minds, and provides stillness within the never-ending currents of life. 

And the best part is, you can practice water meditation techniques wherever there’s water, so there’s no excuse for not trying it out for yourself. 

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