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How to Stop Condensation on Windows?

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Condensation on windows is one of the problems many homeowners are facing. Although condensation may not be the real problem, its attendant effects such as wood rot, mold and mildew, and other effects on health are a serious headache. Because of these reasons, you should take steps to stop condensation on your windows. If you desire to know how to go about it, read the tips below. 

  1. Reduce Interior Moisture

It would interest you to know that condensation on windows is caused primarily in the excess moisture or humidity in the house. As a result, the focus should be on reducing the level of moisture inside the home to minimize condensation on the windows. Some of the ways to minimize moisture include:

  1. Install and use an exhaust fan in the kitchen and bathroom. 
  2. Take all plants outside the house.
  3. Open the windows and doors to release moisture that is trapped in the house. 
  4. Prevent and Manage Causing Additional Moisture

Another way to stop condensation on windows is to avoid activities that can cause or release more humidity into the air. Also, you should learn how to manage situations that can cause more moisture to be released into the air. 

Follow these tips:

  1. Dry wet clothes outside the house to prevent causing condensation on your windows and doors.
  2. Ensure to close doors when cooking or bathing, as moisture gets released more during these activities.
  3. Turn Off the Humidifier and Turn on the Dehumidifier

If you have condensation on your windows, another way to stop the condensation is to switch off any humidifiers and turn on the dehumidifier to remove excess moisture from the air. From this process, the condensation on the windows will evaporate.

  1. Install Storm Windows

Another way to stop condensation on the windows in your home is to install storm windows to prevent the windows from getting cold and having condensation. Besides, the storm windows will boost the energy efficiency of your home. 

  1. Contact a Windows and Doors Company 

If you need more information on how to stop condensation on windows, you should contact a windows and doors company for advice based on the peculiarities of your home. You may be advised to replace your windows and doors, or encouraged to fill and caulk gaps on your windows and doors, and walls in your home. 

The above tips will help you to stop condensation on windows in your home. More importantly, you can contact a windows and doors company for more information and help. 

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