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How to smarten up your commercial space

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In the current world, it has become normal for people to spend a lot of money on the designs of their homes and other social places. Most people do this with the aim of not just having a pleasant environment but also for the sake of seeking attention from neighbours and visitors. Just like how homes are beautifully decorated, commercial places too deserve to be designed in a unique way that excites both workers and clients. A good environment increases productivity as the workers are in a comfortable environment and clients get the need to return and refer others to the organisation for its services or products. These articles examine the ways a company or organisation can use to smarten its commercial space.

  1. Use glass-boards instead of white-boards
    Many organisations use whiteboards and thus in order to stand out, one should opt to use a glass-board. Just like the whiteboards, glass-boards are easy to use and visible from a distance. They can be used with marker-pen and rubbed just like all normal boards. The elegance of these boards is due to the transparency nature of glasses. They therefore make the office stylish and modern. Glass-boards can still be coloured and transparent. A commercial space can therefore have several glass-boards but all of different colours.
  2. Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring
    LVT flooring is a type of floor style that uses vinyl tiles made of different layers. Unlike wooden or cemented floors, this type of floor is durable and easy to change. LVT flooring is also cheaper as compared to the use of woods. Additionally, the floor resembles that of hardwood hence glowing and shining anytime of the day. Commercial spaces are normally at the risk of getting dirt due to the constant movement of people. LVT floors are resistant to stains and when dirtied by other materials, it can be cleaned simply by sweeping or moping – click here.
  3. Use technology 24/7
    Some offices are unreachable during certain hours. For instance, the supervisor may decide to switch off his desktop during lunch hour and when closing for the day. Some clients may still want to contact the organisation at this time. To smarten the entire business, all forms of communication should be left on during any break time. 
    Another way of using technology in a commercial space is the use of devices that automatically switch off unnecessary lights in the space. These devices are specifically made to recognize the essence of power hence switch them off whenever they are not in use. Times when lights may not be in use include during lunch hours, evening breaks, and during board meetings.

A smart commercial space is both elegant and cost effective. As a business, it is the responsibility of the managers to ensure that the business runs smoothly in a conducive environment for both clients and works. By the use of the three simple ways, commercial spaces will be run at a low cost yet pleasing to everyone.


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