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How to Promote Your Real Estate Business on Instagram

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With more than 600 million users (likely to surpass more than 111 million mark by 2019) and more than 6.4 ‘likes’ every month, Instagram has become of the most popular as well as best places to get the business noticed. The platform is both fun and beautiful, and it turns out to be an amazing social platform for any given form of business.

In this regard, it is important to mention that the real estate industry is one of the booming industries available in the market. The businesses involved in the same can greatly use Instagram to enhance their business. This post mainly discusses how the real estate market can reap benefits by impressing the ‘Insta’ users.

Why Should Real Estate Focus on Instagram?

With great respect and no offense to all other social media platforms available, Instagram for real estate is completely different. The level of engagement is almost ten times (10x) higher than on Facebook. Instagram is incredibly mobile, and the demographic is much more affluent.

Having a user-friendly layout and slick interface, it remains no doubt that the level of engagement for the Insta followers is exceptionally high. The majority of the people are on the app most of the time, thus making it an abundant source for generating leads for the real estate market.

The best thing is that the business owners can edit the right images while on the application and post stunning photos in seconds. The photos increase appeal on Instagram and attract the attention of the potential customers planning to invest in real estate.

Different Types of Leads Businesses Get on Instagram

  • Local buyers looking forward to buying or selling in a specific area (locally)
  • Realtors from other cities looking for referral agents in an area
  • Referral clients who are already tagged on Instagram through a mutual connection
  • New prospects who identified the Insta profile recently

Other than the ones discussed above, businesses involved in real estate can also avail different types of clients to enhance their business reach.

How to know the Right Content to Appeal to Clients on Instagram?

Real estate organizations are suggested to look at the Instagram post overall, and then they should follow a universal methodology for populating the same. Many high-profile business houses make use of the ‘Rule of Thirds’ for filling up the missing content where –

  • one-third of the post deals with the promotion of the company
  • , one-third of the listings in the real estate, and
  • Third-third focuses on the community, like the posts and the activities.

Real estate business owners can also follow this method to maximize the opportunity of being online, be it for The Residences At Mandarin Oriental or for any other spacious property full of luxury and life.

Avoid using similar kinds of content taken or posted on other social media platforms as it reduces the appeal factor of the posts. Also, businesses can acquire more likes on the pictures that depict how the team and the members are functioning behind the company. So, it would not be wrong to say that pictures increase appeal on Instagram and other social media platforms.

Considering the above-discussed literature, a conclusion can be drawn that Instagram has become beneficial for businesses planning to establish in the real estate industry. So, open an Insta account and generate more leads for the conversion.

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