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How To Organize Hidden Spaces

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The cupboard, the refrigerator, the cabinets, the sink cabinet, the laundry are not the most exciting places in the house, but they are usually the most visited! I share strategies to maximize space, facilitate access to everything stored, and create an organizational system that suits your needs and your lifestyle like using storage units.


Good lighting is essential, so go for a coat of paint inside your cupboard in a bright tone that adds luminosity. Then put on the shelves (shelves) contact paper (I prefer having no adhesive because it is easier to put on and remove). This paper is useful, even with the wire shelves, to create a smooth surface and not to slip things.

As a rule, place the products that are heavier in the lower and the upper shelves, bulkier, but light: disposable towels, paper plates and cups, and others. If you have a hard-to-reach shelf because it is too high, try not to use it to avoid falls.

Organize the contents of the shelves, grouping similar things. If your cupboard is small, choose tall, thin containers or stackable containers for staples such as rice, beans, and cereals. If your shelves are intense, consider installing a system of rails and shelves or metal baskets that slide out.

Put all the bags with snacks or snacks grouped in large transparent containers. Stack the lowest cans on shelves with two levels and double the space!

Place an organizer behind the door to have both the rolls of paper (aluminum, transparent film, baking paper) and spices or even the pot lids on hand. Click here for more information.

To quickly identify foods, label the containers using a marker or chalk, depending on the surface.

Wardrobe For Coats

Start by taking out all the coats and accessories that you no longer use; many organizations will appreciate the donation.

Organize the hangers first. In the stores, you will find skinny hangers and felt-covered in different colors. You will be amazed at how much space they save! Includes among the hangers a pair of hooks that sell to hang, in cascade, several pants on the same hanger. Instead of pants, hang the scarves and scarves, yours or guests, to have them in view.

Since the cupboards are usually deep, take advantage of the potential of each wall. Put on the wall of the bottom several hooks that allow for hanging purses and purses, scarves, caps, and others. The narrowest side of the side walls is ideal for attaching several hooks from which to hang umbrellas and canes. If you have a shelf above the bar for coats, use it to store bulky items, such as blankets and pillows in the living room.

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