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How to Hang Shutters

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You’ve probably seen window shutters at some point. These fixtures are a staple of old-style homes, adding a stylishly rustic look to houses. Still, you may wonder, what are shutters for?

Shutters served many purposes in the old days. When they first arrived in the 18th and 19th centuries, they provided extra insulation to windows during the winter. They also gave houses additional privacy and protected furniture from sun damage.

Hanging shutters often provide the same benefits today. In fact, plantation-style shutters have the additional advantage of adding value to your home.

The question is how to hang shutters. Some structures make this easier than others.

Fortunately, we can help you navigate these challenges! Read on to discover how to hang shutters around your windows.

A Quick Note on the Types of Shutters

Before we explore how to install shutters, it’s worth pointing out that there are several types of shutters. Generally, these fall into two categories: decorative and functional shutters.

Decorate shutters usually remain stationary. Functional shutters, however, can open and close to protect your house’s interior. You can find several types of shutters of either category on floridablindsandmore.com.

How to Hang Shutters to the Inside of Your Window Opening

The easiest way to hang shutters is by installing them on the inside of your window opening. Start this job by measuring the depth of the window. You can do this by measuring from the front plane of the window.

Then, measure back to the first obstruction that would prevent your shutters from rotating. The company you’re buying your shutters from can tell you how much window depth you’ll need.

You can install the shutters directly to the window jamb if you have the right depth. This way, your shutters can open and close smoothly.

Installing Shutters to a Brick House

Sometimes, your windows may not have the necessary depth for the shutters you want. In these cases, you’ll have to hang shutters on the outside of the window.

The problem with this is that many homes now use brick construction. Hanging shutters from a brick wall can be challenging.

But, you can still hang your shutters if you wish. Follow the steps below to hang your shutters from a brick wall:

  1. Drill pilot holes for screws into each corner of your stationary shutters.
  2. Attach hinges to opening/closing shutters.
  3. Place the first shutter against the wall.
  4. Mark the brick through the holes you’ve drilled.
  5. Finish all your pilot holes.
  6. Use a hammer drill and masonry drill bit to create holes for wall anchors or screws.
  7. Drill the holes deeper for a more even finish on stationary shutters
  8. Insert wall anchors.
  9. Place the shutters against the wall.
  10. Insert the screws or fasteners you need.

Once you complete these steps, you’ll have the ideal shutters you’ve wanted. After that, you can paint or stain the shutters to the color you’d prefer.

Find the Shutters You Want Today!

Hopefully, this guide has answered your questions about how to hang shutters. This process isn’t complicated; so long as you follow the right steps, you can hang shutters in a couple of hours.

So, find the shutters you want today! Then, you can install them for maximum privacy and sun protection.

We hope you enjoyed this article! If so, check out our other home décor tips today!

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