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How to Clean Your House in 2 Hours

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Living in a messy home will inevitably lead to a messy life. Clusters are not just unhygienic; they are also quite bad for your mental health and motivation. The most ironic thing of them all is that thoroughly cleaning your home doesn’t take more than two hours. Sure, this is not the annual or spring cleaning of your home but just getting your home in order is by no means a lengthy process. With that in mind and without further ado, here’s how you should proceed with this.

Dust, Vacuum, and Mop (in that particular order)

The first thing you need to understand is that the order in which you do things changes the outcome quite drastically. According to the staff behind a bond cleaning Melbourne agency, you need to start by dusting. Some of the particles will fall to the floor, which is why it’s a priority that you vacuum before you mop. The best way to dust is with a duster or a microfiber cloth. Still, if you don’t have any at hand, don’t use this as an excuse to get out of cleaning – any mop will do.

After vacuuming, you need to mop the floor to ensure that it’s immaculate. You see, a mop will trap dust in its fiber, which is why you’ll get everything that you’ve missed while vacuuming. Mopping last will also give you the best effect and save you a world of energy.

Enlist Everyone

The simplest way to cut time while cleaning is to enlist everyone to help you out. Some of the tasks are incredibly brief, which means that even if a family member is in a hurry, they can do them in 5 to 10 minutes. Even a minute makes a difference, seeing as how it’s a task that you won’t handle on your own. Moreover, it’s everyone’s living space and they should take some agency in keeping it clean. At the end of the day, this is only right.

Use Timer

The concept of using a timer is quite intuitive and helpful. First of all, it gives you an idea of how much it takes you to complete a specific task so that you can be more accurate the next time around. Second, it gives you a goal to pursue. Sure, you won’t neglect the hygiene in your home by rushing but you also might feel extra motivated to give it your best. Over time, you can further gamify this experience by trying to be better and quicker every single time.

Putting Away the Mess

The mess is a collection of items that may not be dirty (in a conventional sense) but are out of their place. A pile of paper on the living room table, a pile of clothes on “that chair” in your home, or an empty pizza box are all considered to be a mess. So, what you need to do is put away the mess. This really won’t take more than 10-15 minutes and it will make the biggest difference when it comes to the visual aspect of your cleaning. One might argue that this is something that you’re supposed to do first.

Kitchen and Bathroom

Keep in mind that cleaning your bathroom doesn’t take too much active effort. By a definition, the bathroom is the smallest room in your home, which is why there’s not much floor surface to wipe. All you need to do is clean the toilet, the faucet, and the sink and there you have it. if you have a bit extra time, you can also focus on the shower/tub. In the kitchen, all you need to do is wipe the floor, do the dishes, and clean the working surfaces. Cleaning these two rooms should take 10-20 minutes each (if you’re focused and efficient).

In conclusion

In the title, we suggested that it takes about two hours to completely clean your home but, depending on how often you’re doing this, even 1 hour is a realistic timeframe. So, why not do it at least twice per week? Both the hygiene and mental health benefits of these practices would be quite impressive and there are no downsides. Saying that you don’t have enough time (as you can see) is nothing short of an excuse.

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