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How to Choose the Right Art and Decoration for Your Living Room

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Art is the beautiful icing on the cake in any home. It’s a good way to really make your space comfortable and also add extra personality to it. Therefore, it makes sense to spend a little time thinking about what elements of art you want to show. There is not a set of fixed rules to choose what art to show in a living room, so you have a wide variety of options at your fingertips. Are you looking for some inspiration or just a recommendation? Well, here are some ideas to decorate your living room, or in general, decorate any room in your home, including your office.

#1: Choose your own adventure

Think of the general effect you want to cause in your living room. How do you want it to feel? Would you like to see several similar works lined up, or do you want to organize a selected collection on the walls of the room?

Any of the approaches can fit any style of art and decoration. You can create an impressive gallery-like wall with old paintings or go for a refined collection of original works by a single author showing a clean grid, or you want even limited prints, more economical but that adapt perfectly to your style.

#2: Find your starting point

Do you have an original work of art, print or photography that you love? If you have some treasured pieces, you are ready for a great start. If not, find something that speaks to you, something that conveys how you want the rest of the room to feel, or even something that brings a smile to your face. You can even go for glass pictures from Big Acrylic.

Whatever you choose, that piece may be the anchor point that you can use as the basis for your new collection. You can coordinate your previous work of art with any other type of art and decoration that you choose.

#3: One great work

You can also make a great impact on the decoration of your living room by choosing a large work (or a couple) that is displayed on a prominent wall or direct vision from various points in the room. It can be in the space above the sofa or the wall immediately in front of the entrance of the room.

Sure, you have ample space to place a large-scale work of art, be it a photograph, painting or sculpture on the wall, that piece you choose can also be that which reflects your personal style in terms of presentation, color, and style.

Consider leaving the other walls bare and in exchange placed textured decorative objects for the shelves and tables. In this way you will maximize the impact of your great work, which declares your intention, your taste, your personality.

#4: Practical and perfect

Sometimes, the best ideas to decorate your living room with art is to balance the form and function to create elegant, comfortable spaces that characterize each area of ​​your space.

For example, if your living room or bedroom is a bit dark because it does not get as much natural light, you can use mirrors and designer lamps to add decoration and brightness to the room.

If your living room is in a smaller area, you can focus on the selection of small, impactful pieces rather than adding a lot of decorative objects. It is important to scale the works with the existing space. It does not matter what style you have chosen, but the advice is to be practical, and you will see how your chosen works will fit perfectly.

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