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How to Care For Succulents (the Right Way!)

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Did you know plants can improve your emotional and mental health? Consider picking up a few indoor plants for your home today. If you want to learn tips on caring for succulents, we can help.

This guide will go over how to water succulents and other care tips for these cute plants.

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Consider the Lighting Options

Succulent plants love sunshine and need about six hours each day, depending on the type of plant.

Yet, a new succulent could scorch if you leave it below direct sunlight. You can slowly introduce the new plant to total sun exposure. You can also use a sheer curtain to provide shade.

Make Sure You Rotate the Succulents

Don’t forget to rotate your succulents so all sides of the plant will get enough light. If you leave the plant in the same spot every day, then only one side will get an adequate amount of sunshine.

You will begin to notice succulents leaning toward the sunshine. Rotate the succulents so they will stand up straight. Leaning succulents might need a sunnier corner.

How to Water Succulents During Different Seasons

Succulents will need more energy if they are in a growth stage. In the summer and spring, plants will thrive and drink up tons of water. In winter and fall, plants tend to rest.

You can always test the soil with your finger. If the top inch is dry, you should water the soil. Take care not to overwater your succulents, or they will die.

When to water your plants will change with the season or even the week. You might notice plants seem drier in the summer, yet plants don’t need as much water in the winter.

A lot of plants will go dormant in the wintertime. Plants also will need less water during overcast days.

Watering Tips

Does your planter have a drainage hole? If so, the water will drain to the bottom of the pot. Yet, if your pot doesn’t, you should try watering your plants with a spray bottle.

Mist the leaves first. Then, you’ll move to the base of the plant and spray the layer of soil so the roots will get water.

What Pots Should You Use?

Look for planters that have drainage holes. A terra-cotta pot is a great option, and it holds water well. Ceramics are another excellent option because it’s breathable.

A self-watering plant is another great idea. It has a built-in reservoir that will collect extra water. Plastic self-watering planters and terra-cotta pots tend to be a cost-effective option.

Make sure you have proper drainage for your plants. Water won’t evaporate fast with plastic pots. You could end up overwatering your plants by accident.

Clean Your Succulents

Indoor house plants will pick up dust on their surface. Yet, the dust can end up inhibiting their growth. Make sure you gently wipe the spines and leaves. Use a damp cloth or a small paintbrush for trickier areas.

You’ll Need to Pick up Proper Soil

Succulents will thrive when planted in soil that drains well. Regular dirt from your garden or potting soil won’t work. Look for cactus soil.

You could also mix your potting soil with sand or perlite. Succulent roots are pretty fragile, so take extra care when repotting your plants.

Remove Bugs

Sometimes, you might need to deal with bugs around your succulents. Pests don’t tend to be a common problem with indoor succulents.

Yet, gnats will get attracted to succulents planted in wet soil or that don’t drain well. To remove larvae and eggs, spray the soil with 70 percent isopropyl alcohol.

Another pest that succulent owners deal with is mealybugs. Overfertilizing and overwatering can cause mealybug issues. Move any infected plants away from others before you use your spray on them.

Get rid of spider mites. You might see tiny red arachnids that will damage your plants fast. Make sure you water your plants with care.

Consider Fertilizing in the Summer

Your succulent plants won’t need a ton of fertilizer. Yet, you can give them a small feeding in the summer and spring, during the growing season.

Make sure you don’t over-fertilize the plants. Your succulent could end up growing too fast and become weakened.

What to Do if the Leaves Fall Off

If you notice the succulent leaves falling off your plant, don’t worry. The lowest leaves on the stem will shrivel up. It’s a normal thing. Yet, if the top leaves die, you might have an issue.

Pick Up Plants for Your Home Office

Now that you understand how to care for your different plants, buy some at a local nursery.

Do you work from home? Consider adding some succulent plants and other indoor plants to the space. You will find you feel more motivated and focused.

Check out this guide on low maintenance indoor plants.

How to Care For Succulents at Home

We hope this guide on caring for succulents was helpful. Now that you know how to care for succulents consider what kinds of plants you’d like to buy.

Make sure you pick up pots with drainage holes, proper soil and avoid overwatering the plants. You’ll also want to rotate your succulents throughout the week so the entire plant gets enough light.

Are you looking for more home and lifestyle tips? Keep learning by checking out the rest of our resources on the blog.

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