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How Long Does a Roof Last? A Homeowner’s Guide

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If you’ve ever searched around online trying to learn more about roof maintenance, you might have seen a few different posts giving specific roof life estimates.

A longer lifespan of a roof represents the point at which the roof substantially increases a home’s risk of facing a catastrophic failure. It simply means that the roof will begin showing increased leakage or compromise its function.

How long does a roof last? Many factors will contribute to how long your roof will last. The type of roof you have will be a big factor.

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Asphalt Shingles

The average asphalt shingle roof will last between 20 and 28 years. However, this longevity depends on many factors, such as the quality of the shingles, the installation, the climate, and whether the roof has been properly maintained. For example, if the shingles are low quality or the roof wasn’t properly installed, it may only last 10 to 15 years.

Conversely, a high-quality roof that was installed properly and regularly maintained could last 40 years or more. Climate also plays a role in how long an asphalt shingle roof will last. In general, those in cooler climates will last longer, since the heat and UV rays can degrade the shingles.

Metal Roofing

The average lifespan of a metal roof is 50 years and could last up to 70  years, but it depends on the roof type. For instance, a standing seam metal roof will last longer than a corrugated metal roof. The metal roof materials and the roof pitch also play a role in how long the roof will last.

A metal roof that is properly installed by roofers like this and maintained can last a lifetime. A metal roof will last much longer than an asphalt shingle roof.

Tile Roofing

Many factors will affect how long your tile roof will last. The most important factor is the quality of the materials used. The better the quality, the longer the roof will last.

Other factors such as the climate, the amount of sun and rain the roof is exposed to, and the maintenance that is done on the roof will also affect its lifespan. Generally, a tile roof will last between 30 and 50 years.

A tile roof will also last longer than an asphalt shingle roof.

Slate Roofing

Slate roofs can last a century or more with proper maintenance. Cleaning and inspecting a slate roof at least once a year can help extend its lifespan. moss and other vegetation, as well as debris, can shorten the life of a slate roof by trapping moisture and causing the slate to deteriorate.

Wood Shakes Shingles

The average lifespan of a wood shake roof is between 15 and 30 years. If a wood shake roof is not properly maintained, it may only last 10 to 15 years. The lifespan of a wood shake roof depends on the type of wood used, the quality of the wood, the thickness of the wood, and the climate.

So How Long Does a Roof Last?

Did we answer your question about how long does a roof last?

A roof can last anywhere from 10  to centuries old, depending on the climate, the quality of the roof, and how well it’s been maintained. If your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan, it’s important to have it inspected by a professional to see if it needs to be replaced. Call your local roofing company today to schedule an inspection.

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