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Home Features Every Miami Buyer Wants

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Selling a home in a competitive market such as Miami can be tough. Florida is one of the most desirable locations in the country, which is results in a highly competitive market. New buyers are indeed coming every day, but there are also more and more homes for sale. That’s why you need to be ready for jumping into the market. This means you should prepare your home for sale and make it attractive for your potential buyers and this guide will help you do that. Here are the home features every Miami buyer wants – does your home include some of them?

Great outdoors

Many people spend more time at home these days. And given the Florida’s amazing weather, great outdoor space is highly valued in real estate. Sometimes even a perfect house can disappoint if there isn’t any outdoor space. People love spending time outside, while still being in their own home, hosting family dinners and entertaining friends. That’s why a great deck/patio space and a garden is a big advantage when selling a house in Miami. Consider adding outdoor furniture, a practical outdoor kitchen area, a fire pit and some décor such as plants and string lights. These details will ensure a buyer never wants to leave your home but move in as soon as possible.

Spending time outside is important for Miami buyers. Alt.tag: a mom and her daughter playing on the front deck

Home office

Another feature important for people who spend more time at home these days. With more people working from home, this feature is becoming increasingly important on the market. A home office doesn’t need to occupy a whole room. It can be a nook in a bigger room that’s wisely turned into a home office space. Some of the characteristics of a great office space at home is access to natural light, a comfortable chair and desk, privacy, enough outlets for electronics and a high-quality lamp for night work. Buyers are looking for a home where they can both enjoy time with their family, but also have the option to isolate and get the work done.

Functional, private home office is one of the home features every Miami buyer wants. Alt.tag: home office desk

Spacious kitchen

Miami has some of the best restaurants in the world. But even so, people buying a home in Miami value a great kitchen space where they can make meals for their family and host dinner parties. Spacious, functional kitchen with high-quality appliances and a kitchen island is surely one of the top features every Miami buyers want. Kitchen renovation is also one of the most popular projects people do before listing their home for sale. It’s one of the projects that’s most cost-efficient and adds value to the property. If you plan on renovating the kitchen before the sale, consider these project ideas to revamp the space completely:

  • A fresh coat of paint never hurts – paint the walls and consider repainting kitchen cabinets for a total makeover;
  • Replace the countertops – overtime, countertops fade or get damaged by scratches or burns. Replace them for maximum effect;
  • Improve storage capacity – if there’s any way to add more storage space to your kitchen, be sure to do it.
  • Replace the hardware – new knobs and handles can give a whole new look to the kitchen.

Shiny floors

Flooring is one of the top features of every home. It’s a basis of every room, so it’s easy to understand why one of the home features every Miami buyer wants is shiny hardwood floor. Even though there are many alternatives that look like wood, only genuine hardwood flooring can achieve that expensive, quality effect to the house.

If your home already has hardwood floors, this is a perfect moment to make them shine again. Refinishing and deep-cleaning will make those floors the first thing buyers notice when they enter your home and make them fall in love with the place. Just be sure to reach out to specialists to remove your items before the renovations start. Dust and dirt can be tough to clean and can also damage your belongings, so it’s safer to keep them away.

Smart home features

Modern lifestyle requires a modern home. Smart home technology increases convenience in our busy lives and make our homes more practical. Don’t forget that Miami is becoming one of the most important tech hubs in the country, meaning many of potential buyers can be tech-savvy and appreciate smart home technologies. Home automation includes a lot of different devices, so adding at least a couple of them can elevate your home in the list of homes for sale in the area.

Easy smart home solutions for a more convenient home. Alt.tag: smart home device

Storage solutions that step up the game

There’s so much more to do with storage than just plain shelves and wardrobes – and Miami home buyers know that. There are endless possibilities of improving storage and organization in almost every room in the house. Whether it’s the bedroom, garage or pantry, see if there’s opportunity to adding some stylish storage options that will increase storage capacity and make the house look more organized and elegant.

Bonus tip: if you need extra storage during your move or renovation, don’t burden your friends and family by loading their homes with your items. Moving specialists at 24/7 Logistics Services FL advise a simple solution – a safe storage unit for all your items.

Laundry room

A separate laundry room is a very popular feature in Miami homes. Buyers want a practical home where they can enjoy relaxing time with their family, but also have a useful space to do daily tasks such as laundry or ironing. If there’s an unused room in your home, turn it into a laundry room with additional shelves or cabinets. Making this chore a bit less troublesome is something your buyers will surely appreciate.

A seller that makes the process easier

It’s not exactly one of the home features, but every Miami buyer wants a seller who doesn’t make the process complicated. Be prepared for the sale, and work with professionals that will help you out. Also, know what it takes to sell a home successfully, without delaying the final steps of the sale. Even though both parties want their best interests, sometimes ‘pushing’ to your side a bit more aggressively can make you lose a perfectly good buyer.





meta: Do you know what it takes to sell a home in Miami? Here are the top home features every Miami buyer wants.

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