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Have a Ball: 3 Home Applications for Ball Valves

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Plumbing costs for the average American home with 2-3 baths range from $8,000-$12,000. Homeowners spend this much knowing how critical the piping system in a house can be.

It would be unfair for them to undergo extra costs because of the ball valves used in the piping systems. This is why as a homeowner, you need to understand the different types of ball valves and where to use ball valves in a home setup.

If you are looking for ball valves that you can use around the house, then you have come to the right page. This article will give you a detailed explanation of how to use ball valves at home.

Floating Ball Valves

This type of design allows the ball to float inside the valve. The suspension makes it move freely in a horizontal manner. The model for floating ball valves is simple since it’s dependent on the fluid pressure to close the valves.

These ball valves are perfect for low-pressure plumbing solutions. Avoid using them in the kitchen or baths as they come in small diameters.

Besides, the water pressure in these two rooms is usually high. They have fewer ball valves applications because high fluid pressure can deform the seats.

A One-Piece Ball Valve

If you are on a budget and are looking for something that will serve you for the longest time then opt for one-piece ball valves. They come in a body that holds all the components of the ball valve in one compartment.

Homeowners admit to enjoying a leak-free experience. This is because the manufacturers weld the parts together. Now, it would be unwise to use this in the kitchen or areas which are likely to clog up because it is hard to dismantle them.

Thus, you cannot clean it or repair it by parts. Most homeowners use it in garden pipes or other ball valve applications where hygiene is not a priority.

A Trunnion Ball Valve

A trunnion is an extra shaft used to support the ball at its base. The shaft restricts much movement of the ball as it confines it to its axis. The stem rotation allows for the ball to rotate. These types of ball valves come with a spring feature which contributes to their compact nature.

They are more costly than other sanitary valves. Yet, they come in various diameter sizes. If you are wondering where to use ball valves, the trunnion set is ideal for kitchen and bath plumbing systems.

Their flexibility allows high-pressure ball valve applications. Most homeowners use it for all their plumbing solutions because they are easier to operate than most ball valves.

How to Use Ball Valves at Home

There are more than the mentioned types of ball valves. Yet, what you should focus on is the type of pressure they can withstand and sanitation levels.

This will give you an idea of where to use ball valves in your home. Read more on this website for more plumbing solutions.

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