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Hand Dryer Help: Which Dyson Hand Dryer Is the Best?

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What’s worse?

Dirty dry hands, or clean wet hands?

When your hands are dry, it’s difficult for them to pass on the germs. However, when your hands are wet, they can spread thousands times more germs than they could dry. The worst part is that the number of germs on your hands can more than double after using the bathroom!

If you want to keep employees and customers safe, you’ll need to invest in the correct type of hand dryers. Thankfully, the Dyson hand dryer offers both a cost and energy-efficient solution. However, it can be challenging to narrow down your selection with so many models to choose from.

What type of hand dryer is right for you? Read on to find out!

Grey Dyson Air Blade AB14

Let’s start by reviewing the Dyson Air Blade AB14 model since this hand dryer can do so many things! For starters, the AB14 model comes with a 5-year warranty, so you don’t have to worry if something goes wrong. You’ll also be able to enjoy an energy-efficient machine that gets the job done fast.

Dyson is also proud to offer the AB14 model, as it is one of the fastest hand dryers in the world. How long does it take the Air Blade to dry your hands? As little as 12 seconds!

The mighty motor spins about 90,000 times every single minute. This allows the hand dryer to pull in 35 liters of air through its HEPA filter.

As far as noise level goes, the new design helps keep things more neutral. Of course, the hand dryer will still make a sound. However, Dyson figured out a way to design the Air Blade to cut down on the noise produced by air rushing around the motor. The AB14 model is about 50% quieter than the model that came before it.

Nickel Dyson Air Blade V HU02

Next, we have the Dyson Air Blade V HU02 model. Instead of just using 1 HEPA filter, this model has 2 filters. The V HU02 offers a unique design that comes to a V-shape at the bottom. The slimline design helps make this hand dryer look modern and sleek.

Again, you’ll be able to dry your hands in as short as 12 seconds. As with the other Dyson designs, the motor will rotate at 90,000 rotations per minute. The elite-style hand dryer is perfect for washrooms that get a lot of foot traffic. The hand dryers are designed to be able to handle over 300 uses every single day.

Since your air dryers will be getting used a lot, you might be wondering about your energy bill. You’ll be happy to know that the energy-efficient design that Dyson Air Blade uses minimizes the number of watts per dry. For instance, the V HU02 model only uses 4.40 watts for every drying session.

White Dyson Air Blade V HU02

If the nickel color clashes with your bathroom interior, consider getting white-colored hand dryers instead. The white Dyson Air Blade hand dryer has the same specs and features as the nickel-plated one.

Both models are exceptionally hygienic because of the non-touch hand drying feature they offer. When you couple the touchless features with double the HEPA filter power, you can really cut down on bacteria.

Each HEPA filter can capture 99.9% of all the bacteria floating around in the bathroom air. Whereas cheap hand dryers can wind up recycling bacteria and forcing it onto your hands.

For the most hygienic results, you’ll want to use the correct type of soap in your soap dispensers. You can use these tips to find the best soap, according to the State health department.

Dyson Air Blade V

Moving on, we have the Dyson Blade hand dryer, 5th edition. The Dyson Air Blade V model also comes in a nickel or white color option.

Again, the hand dryer uses a modern v-shaped design to help dry hands effectively while still looking fabulous. The Air Blade V is also great for high-use bathrooms, with visitors totaling 300 or more a day.

Again you’ll be able to enjoy an energy-efficient dry, taking up only 4.40 Watts for each drawing session. The high-rated motor can also get the job done without creating too much noise.

Compared to other Dyson hand dryer models, the Air Blade V holds up as a quiet machine. Using an 85 dbA noise level, you won’t have to worry about the dryers overwhelming visitors with sound.

One of our favorite things about the Air Blade 5 model is how vandal-resistant it is. The compact form is challenging to remove from the wall since there aren’t any areas to gain leverage. Vandals will likely leave this hand dryer alone, which will save you money in the long run!

Not to mention, the installation is quick and painless. You’ll be able to install and connect this hand dryer in a matter of moments. Lastly, we suggest looking into the Dyson faucet and hand dryer combo options.

Dyson Faucet and Hand Dryer

Give your bathroom the best of both worlds by combining washing and hand drying in 1 convenient spot. The Dyson faucet and hand dryer can help you do just that!

After washing their hands in the basin area, the Dyson faucet can switch to a drying mode. Maintaining the same impressive, high speed dry times, of 12 seconds, this unique design is sure to give your bathroom a modern appeal.

Choosing the Right Dyson Hand Dryer

All of Dyson’s hand dryers operate with reasonable noise levels and energy efficiency. Most of the models are also capable of handling lots of action daily. So, it’s really up to your personal preference about what model design will mesh best with your bathroom needs and color scheme.

Are you still struggling to decide what Dyson hand dryer is suitable for you? To narrow down your choice, decide whether white or nickel-colored hand dryers would work best in your bathroom. For more tips, look at the rest of our blog.

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