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Four Tips to Help you Choose the Best Backyard Tiles

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Picking the best outdoor tiles for your backyard is essential to boost the overall look of your outdoor space. Below are some tips that can help you make the right choice:

Ensure the Tiles Match the Weather Conditions

Various tiles for outdoor applications are made for regions with different weather conditions. Usually, any outdoor tile will work in areas that have warm climates. But, those who live in regions that have predominantly cold weather can use outdoor tiles that are designed to withstand low temperatures to ensure the tiles will not shrink after installation. In fact, picking the wrong tiles for the temperature will cause gaps between the tiles and interfere with their use and the outdoor space’s visual appeal. Check great outdoor tile options at Céramique au Sommet.

Pick Durable Tiles

Backyards tend to be exposed to a higher degree of foot traffic and moisture. That is why you must pick tiles that don’t lose their aesthetic value with continued use. For this type of application, consider installing porcelain tiles because they do not wear out easily. Other types of tiles are likely to require tough glazing to withstand the outdoor conditions. Also, pick tiles that have non-slip finishes to minimise the chances of injuries because of slips.

Choose the Right Tile Size

Because you are installing tiles in the outdoors, the surfaces may not be even to facilitate the installation of larger tiles. In this case, you will want to choose smaller tiles since they do not require plenty of prep works to prepare the surfaces for the tile placement. However, if the surfaces are flat, bigger tiles would be ideal. Also, you can use bigger tiles in small outdoor areas to make the illusion of a larger space.

Think about the Absorption Rate of the Tile

The absorption rate is the ability of the tile to soak up water. Four outdoor applications, you need tiles with a low absorption rate so that they do not take up plenty of water and can be predisposed to stains and cracks.  In terms of tiles, you will need to consider the following absorption levels:

  • Impervious. Tiles that have this absorption rate do not absorb any liquid and can be maintained easily.
  • Vitreous. This absorption level is the standard for tiles. It is ideal for use in outdoor areas that have low to medium traffic.
  • Semi-vitreous. Tiles with this absorption rate feature a low degree of absorption.
  • Non-vitreous. This is the highest absorption level and must not be used in dump places.
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