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Finding A Good Roofing Company

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With the average roofing repair costing around $850, and major repairs easily costing $3000 or more, it’s important to do everything possible to keep your roof in good shape. However, repairs are inevitable, especially with an older roof and when it’s time to call a contractor, you want to know that the company is reliable and will get the job done correctly, safely and on budget.

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Finding a company that specializes in roofing repair is as easy as searching online, although it should take more work than that. Ask your friends or neighbors if they have ever used a roofing company, and whether they would recommend them. Many smaller companies still rely largely on referrals from existing customers, and another advantage of using a smaller, locally based roofer is the more personal service you tend to receive.

If it’s a large roofing repair job, you may want to have several different roofers chosen, and then try to narrow it down. You can ensure that a roofing company is actually legitimate by asking for their contact phone number, business address and tax identification number, although most roofing contractors also have an online presence. The Better Business Bureau in your state should also be able to advise you on how reputable a company is and whether they have complaints filed against them. And of course, you should take advantage of those well known online review sites, allowing customers to post their good or bad comments about local companies.

A good roofing contractor also makes a point of carrying adequate insurance, including liability coverage and worker’s compensation, and should be prepared to verify that when asked. If a contractor is injured while working on your roof, the insurance will protect you from a lawsuit; however, it isn’t actually required in all states. And of course, any reputable roofing company should carry the relevant business licenses to allow them to work in your municipality or state. Again, any reliable roofing company shouldn’t mind providing these when asked, nor should they mind answering questions about their employees’ experience, qualifications and background.

Not all roofs are the same, and a roofing repair company may be required to have special training or certification to work on a particular type of roof. Again, it shouldn’t be a problem if you ask to see that verification. Another important aspect of any roofing repair job is the warranty provided to you for the work carried out, and it’s important that you review and understand that. Before the work can commence, you should also be given a detailed written proposal or a contract, which should be clearly written and explained. Don’t be afraid to ask the roofing contractor about any aspect of the work before deciding on which one to use. Some possible concerns might be the anticipated length of time of the job, and the number of people working on your roof.

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