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  Environmental Waste Design: How Septic Tanks Work

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Do you have a septic tank? Are you thinking about septic tank installation? Do you want to know how septic tanks work?

Septic tanks can filter your grease trap pumping anchorage ak and wastewater in an environmentally friendly way using nature’s own bacteria. It’s an incredible process!

Using a septic tank on your property might sound a little unsettling. But read on to learn how septic tanks work and all about septic tank benefits.

How Septic Tanks Work

A septic tank is a system for treating your home’s wastewater. Any grey water or wastewater that is sent through your plumbing goes into the septic tank. Natural filtration and degrading combines with technology to treat that water.

Septic tanks work by draining wastewater through your sewage pipes and into a septic tank in the ground outside your home. The wastewater accumulates in the septic tank. Solids start to sink to form what is called, sludge. Septic tank pumping puyallup wa is one of the most crucial processes to avoid sludging and clogging.

Anything that floats forms a scum on the top. The septic system is designed so that the sludge and scum cannot escape into nature. At the same time, the water drains out of the septic tank into a special shallow drainage area filled with soil.

The soil filters the wastewater naturally and in an environmentally friendly way. The soil around the septic system removes bacteria and viruses. Once the wastewater has been treated in this way, it gradually filters out into natural groundwater in a clean and safe way.

Not Everything Can Go Through a Septic System

In contrast to a regular water and wastewater system in a town or city, septic tanks have a specific list of things that must not be flushed down the pipes. Because of how septic tanks work, natural filtering can’t handle a lot of man-made products.

You will almost certainly clog a septic system and stop it from working if you put any of the following list of items down the drain: diapers, condoms, paper towels, oil, gas, weed killer, cooking fat, plastics, cat litter, cigarettes, paint thinner, and other solvents.

To help your septic tanks work well, don’t put food or coffee grounds down the sink. You’ll also want to avoid using a garbage disposal in your sink because it creates sludge. That will block up your septic tanks quicker.

How to Keep Septic Tanks Working Well

Get your septic tanks cleaned out every three to five years. This will stop the tank from getting too full. If it overflows, it won’t work and you could have a big mess on your hands. Check this link for more details – https://www.goebelseptic.com/.

Because of how septic tanks work, make sure you ask a professional about how best to use chemical and biological additives in the septic system. These additives can help break down solids but they also hurt the natural system of bacteria that your septic tank uses.

Don’t plant big trees or bushes near the septic drain field. The roots might puncture the pipes or septic tank. If that happens, your septic tank won’t work and you will have a sludgy mess coming up through the ground.

That’s Why Septic Tank Installation Is a Good Idea

So, now you know how septic tanks work, you can see that they are environmentally sound. They will also provide you with a safe way to dispose of your grey water and wastewater.

The natural filtration process breaks everything down. But don’t forget that nature can’t handle a lot of man-made products. You might flush cat litter through the drain on a centralized sewage system, but you can’t when you have your own septic tank.

We want your home to work well and be friendly to the environment. If you want the same thing then check out our website!


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