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Enormous development of technology in underwater cable

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The underwater cable is called a submarine communication cable which is laid on the sea bed for the electrical transmission of signals across the sea and ocean.

It is the system of wire that comprises internet, telephone pole with bundles of cable to sign the damaged fiber optic lines and long wire under the sea. The main part of the underwater cables is found in the coldest depth of the ocean. In this article we are going to see in detail about underwater cable also called as submarine cable.

Cable installation underwater cable

In the world, 90% of the Internet data’s are transmitted through an underwater cable. This is transmitted at the bottom of the ocean called submarine communication. All the cables and wires are installed in a way like the deepest height of Everest and longest miles of land.

All the cables under the water must run across the flat surface of the ocean floor to avoid coral reefs, fish beds, sunken ships, and other ecological obstructions and habitats.

Cables under the ocean are at shallow depth are buried under the ocean through high pressure. As you know when we lay the optical fiber line across the ocean will cost thousands of million dollars. 

Shark-proof wire wrappers

There is an essential need of shark-proof wire wrapper underwater due to the damage of cable under the sea or ocean by the shark. The shark chews the internet wires and causes damage to the underwater cables. The company’s like Google are shielding the cables in a shark-proof wire wrapper to avoid damaging of wires by a shark.

Underwater cables are faster and cheaper than satellite communication

As we know there are thousands of satellites are there in orbit. We thought space is the better way of communication that gives all instance more frequently and easily but quite costly. But surely satellites are more costly than underwater cables.

The submarine cables are economic and fast when compared to satellite communication. We have a transmission of sending and receiving signal problems in the satellite. In the case of wire transmission as we don’t have those type of signal loss. 

The underwater cables are more economic, beneficial, and cost-effective. It provides a higher volume of energy compare to satellite communication. 

As satellite communication has sent and receive signal problem from space to earth may take time whereas underwater cable has a direct transmission of power and electricity which reacts to the signal immediately. Hence underwater cables are fast and frequent, economic and efficient.

Repairing of underwater cable

It is a tedious task to repair an underwater cable. When you think of replacing or repairing the Ethernet cable you can’t simply replace the cable. You need a special repair ship that is dispatched to the ocean or sea to repair the underwater cables.

Robots are used to grab the cable and halt to the surface when the cables are damaged in shallow water. If the cables are repaired in deep water, then the ships grab on the cable and hoist it for mending.

Grapnels are used in ship to cut the damaged cable parts into two and repair the cable by patching it above the water. Today submarine communications cables are standard in operating advanced technology and high internet connectivity.

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