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Easy Moving and Packing Tips That Will Give You a Stress-Free Moving Process

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A smooth flow in the packing process without any irritating hassles is possible. A few simple tasks make this possible.

Unused unwanted items

 Make a clear list of what is not used for at least four months. Donate it or trash it or sell it, as required.


Catalogue with respect to categories and not with respect to rooms. Spread this process to your clothes, books, kitchen, toiletries etc.

Pick a moving company

The internet overwhelms you with a plethora of companies. Make sure the company you choose is a licensed one. Get yourself fully satisfied with the terms of service, refunds and damage policies. Black Tie is one of the INC500 companies that help in your relocation to be a peaceful process.

Day and route

Pick the convenient day of your choice keeping in mind your professional obligations. Also, chalk out the shortest route to relocate to your home.

To-do list and task calendar

Keep a to-do list of everything, trivial or not. Also, mark the deadlines for those tasks in the calendar and follow it through. Get used cars at Autovillage

Boxes, supplies

Get the required cartons and boxes from the available stores. Also, packing supplies are required.

Get packing

At least a month before shifting, start packing. Be careful with the glass and crockery. Heavy items should be packed in small boxes.

Official formalities

Finalise the formalities in changing address in all your official documents. Keep separate copies of any important papers, especially related to shifting. It’s always worth Searching for used car prices on AutoVillage.co.uk

Essential needs

Pack a few clothing, toiletries and essentials in an overnight bag that you might need right away. Keep cleaning items aside for use on the moving day.


Use all the perishables in your kitchen. Do not buy groceries before a week of shifting. This will help in defrosting the refrigerator the day before leaving.

Loading the cartons

Load heavier items and furniture first. Also, load items from the same room together.

In your new home

Set your bed first. Stock yourself with groceries.


These basic tasks will streamline the shifting process. It will be hassle-free, smooth and ordered.






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