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Easy DIY upgrades to make your home look more expensive

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Easy DIY upgrades

Are you getting weary of the monotony in the aesthetics dominating the interiors and exterior of your home? The upholstery on sofas, couches, and daybeds loses its firmness and color after years of absorbing dust, even with regular vacuuming. The ravages of time are merciless, and even the highest quality paint starts crumbling, revealing nasty drywall patches. If you don’t plan on throwing away your worn out furniture, you can give them a second life by sending it  to professionals such as Desace for a reupholstery

Even if your upholstery and walls are in pristine condition, it’s natural to crave a bold transformation within your environment. The desire for change is embedded deeply within human nature, encouraging experimentation and creativity. You need not spend thousands of dollars upgrading your home and breathing new life into your interiors.

Keep reading to explore easy DIY upgrades to give your home an opulent million-dollar makeover!

Mission: Declutter Aggressively

We fixate on upgrades that cause thousands of dollars and neglect significant DIY tricks that work wonders without costing a dime. Decluttering your home is the best way to create a sleek, minimalist appeal that gives properties an opulent aesthetic. Palaces, luxury villas, and boutique hotels spend millions of dollars emulating a minimalist aesthetic to make their properties appear spacious.

You can achieve the same aesthetic by decluttering your home free of unwanted items, broken appliances, and things you never use. The goal is to free up floor space and eliminate all tripping hazards. Freeing up the floor space will give each room an open and airy appeal, creating the illusion of spaciousness.

But what will you do with the appliances, furniture, and items you’re decluttering? Instead of tossing them in the garage or the attic, enlist Google’s help in finding a reputable storage facility. Suppose you’re looking for a temperature-controlled storage unit in Boise, Idaho. In that case, make a location-based search query the keywords “storage units Boise ID” to connect with the nearest businesses.

We advise streamlining the most promising options and scheduling in-person visits to examine the storage units security measures and obtain pricing quotes. Once you’re satisfied with the operational and security features, you can rent a storage unit and relocate unwanted clutter. Storage units are undeniably functional at relocating artwork, heirlooms, inherited belongings, and furniture you no longer need. And if the need arises in the future, you simply have to run down to the storage unit and retrieve the items.

Decluttering the interior spaces will make room for new furniture and appliances, and clearing the lawn will elevate your curb appeal.

Fresh Coat of Paint

There is nothing like a fresh coat of paint to breathe new life into a property, revitalizing its aesthetics and energy. Suppose you’ve decided to repaint all the walls in your home and fix the existing damages. In that case, we urge you to experiment with some bold, neutral and eclectic color palettes.

If you’ve always wanted to experiment with bold hues like burgundy, scarlet, and mahogany, now is your chance. Here’s a fun idea: let everyone pick a different color for their rooms and create a ballot to vote on color schemes for shared living spaces. This strategy is ideal for personalizing the bedrooms and creating a chosen color scheme throughout the property.

Be sure to check out the Pantone color scheme for 2022 to explore fabulous new color palettes and schemes. Once you’ve bought the paints and supplies, throw a painting party and invite friends and family to join in the effort.

Go Antique Thrifting

Antique thrifting is a great strategy to give your living spaces an expensive-looking makeover with priceless vintage treasure. You can explore online and offline thrift and vintage stores to find pieces that align with your aesthetic preferences. We advise exploring the local marketplaces famous for vintage finds and thrift stores to hunt down rare gems.

You can explore various antiques that create lavish and opulent interiors. These include ornate gold mirrors and photo frames, artwork and oil paintings, brass sculptures, porcelain and china, pottery, and metalwork. You can also create a juxtaposed blend of antiques from different eras positioned in an eclectic setting. For instance, give your entryway a vintage makeover with an ornate Victorian mirror, Chinese handpainted vases, and bamboo wicker baskets.

The placement of your vintage decoratives and fixtures also matters significantly in creating an aesthetic palette.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Are you struggling to make your cramped and small apartment look spacious and well-lit? We advise bringing in more mirrors and adding different-sized mirrors to each room. A large mirror covering a significant section of the wall will work wonders at creating the illusion of spaciousness. It will give your room an airy and open appeal by attracting and reflecting more sunlight throughout the space.

You can also use mirrors to experiment with different aesthetic and architectural palettes in each room. For instance, give the kitchen and dining area a rustic, farmhouse-appeal with a large mirror covered with a rustic wooden frame. You can play up antique and ornate gold aesthetics for the entryway with a sleek wrought-iron console and a gold-decked mirror.

Final Thoughts

Designing opulent and rich interiors isn’t about spending large sums of money. All it takes is a few dollops of creativity, some elbow grease, and a handy toolkit for household DIY tricks. However, if you lack a creative imagination, even thousands of dollars cannot help you salvage your interiors. We advise exploring interior magazines and trend-mapping to stir your creativity and inspire your imagination.

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