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Easy But Effective Ways Of Styling Your Living Room

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If you have a good budget, you can hire a designer and installer at https://www.handymanservices.sg/ to do most of the work for you in Singapore. Styling and decorating a living room isn’t easy. It involves a lot of research, creating a budget, selecting a color scheme, and finding furniture. And because the living room gives guests an impression of who the occupants are, it’s vital to look very beautiful. 

But with the right ideas, this process can be made simple. But even before doing that, here are some ways you can style it and make it more beautiful. 

  • Painting

The color you select for your living room’s wall will affect the rest of the décor. Your furniture, floor, and ceiling need to blend well with the wall’s color. If your house is small, it’s advisable to use lighter shades and colors because they’ll visually boost its size. If you don’t like white, you can opt for cream, grey, pale brownish, pale peach, and light blue colors for the renovation

Lighter colors are bright, pleasant, and easier to match with items in the room. For example, if you use a pale brownish color on your wall, you can blend them with a cream carpet, dramatic coffered sofa, and pale pink coffee tables. These combinations can make your living room more beautiful. 

If you love dark colors, go for them. These colors also add elegance to a room. But to avoid creating a very dark space, it’s advisable to match them with lighter curtains, vases, and sofas. 

  • Buy The Right Furniture Size

The furniture you select for your living room should match its size. There’s no doubt that large sofas may be more comfortable. But if you have a small living room, it’s recommended to buy a more compact model that doesn’t take much space. 

You should use the same rule for shelving units and coffee tables. Your room will look refreshed with affordable and elegant furniture pieces. Cramping your room with accessories will only make it more crowded. A little space here and there can make it stylish and intelligent. 

  • Add Flowers

Flowers never go out of fashion. Whether your room is big or small, a pot of flowers can make it look colorful, fresh, and gentle. It’s always recommended to place the big green plants in the room’s corners. You can place smaller vases and pots at the center of the room.

To ensure that you don’t interfere with the room’s décor, it’s advisable to select flowers that’ll match its appearance. You can select flowers with lighter colors for rooms with dark walls and flowers with darker colors for rooms with light walls. For example, red roses can be ideal for a cream-colored wall. While sunflowers can be best for brown or navy blue walls. 

  • Use Less Furniture

You don’t have to add everything into your living room to make it look cozy. The fewer décor items you have, the better and more relaxed the space will look. Only select items that can add to your room’s aesthetics and avoid those that don’t make a considerable difference. 


Your living room is where you spend most of your time when you’re at home. Therefore, you need to make it as beautiful as possible. These tips can help you style your living room and make it more comfortable and appealing.


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