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Easy and Understandable Options for the Table Covers

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White is always a timeless must, which can be livened up with colored napkins and accessories. On great occasions you can then decide to opt for a double table cover, that is a heavy, usually colored and strictly solid color that falls almost to the foot of the table and a lighter overlying, white, or to choose in a shade similar or complementary to the one below, or even in a fantasy that recalls the color of the first.

The Breakfast Time

To serve breakfast or eat a casual meal, here is the easy-to-wash polypropylene placemat, decorated with large colored numbers. Especially if our table is particularly delicate and even children sit at the table it would always be good to lay the so-called “molletton” under the trade show table covers, a thicker and more or less soft fabric that protects it from stains and accidental blows: on the market they are of many types, characterized by very different thicknesses, fabrics, shapes and colors.

  • For what concerns napkins , the most usual choice is surely to use those coordinated with the table cover (in this way you are never wrong.), The important thing is however to choose them in the same color or at least related to the color and to the style of our table cover and it is always better to avoid risky combinations, as far as shape and dimensions are concerned, it is preferable to use square models of about 40 cm per side, so as to be able to indulge with artistic folds, of course, as long as you wish and are able to do it, otherwise the napkin place is always on the left of the guest (caution: never place it below the plate nor under the cutlery.).
  • Paper napkins are only suitable for small parties for children, aperitifs or standing buffets and for informal outdoor barbecues, but when you sit at the table it is always good to use real cloth napkins.

Nowadays, even placemats are very fashionable , especially suitable for breakfast or in any case for setting the table in an informal way , they can represent a valid alternative, nice and practical, to the classic table cover ; better, however, always use them if the top of our table is easily cleanable because obviously its surface will remain in sight and therefore exposed to possible food and drink stains (in general they are therefore absolutely indicated for the table to be kitchen, a little less for the living room, but as always it depends a lot on the material with which our table is made.). Nowadays, there is indeed an infinite variety on the market, not only in terms of colors, decorations and patterns (ranging from multicolored ribbons to amusing subjects, to more classic and romantic motifs, from solid models to floral ones), but also for what concerns forms and materials.

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