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Do it yourself hobbies turned into profitable industries

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In connection with quarantine, people began to spend much more time at home. The demand for various leisure goods has grown significantly. For example, on AliExpress, the frequency of purchases in the Hobbies and Collectibles category increased 5 times. Since there are no plans to completely lift the restrictions yet, the surge in interest in entertainment products is unlikely to subside.

Stationery and office supplies

In 2022, we are facing a dramatic transition to online, both in terms of study and work. We urgently had to equip home offices, allocate space for children for distance learning. E-commerce stationery sales skyrocketed. It is much easier for people to order a set of everything they need in an online store in order to avoid going to the market or other offline outlets. You can also start this type of business online. In this, Subscriberz will help to manage social media campaigns on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and other soc. Platforms.


An interesting situation has developed on the literature market: the younger generation prefers to read from the screen of a tablet or smartphone, which was one of the reasons for the closure of many bookstores. As a result, those who are used to living paper books cannot buy them offline. The literature market naturally moved to the Internet, where it began to grow at a rapid pace. The trend will continue into 2021.

Children’s toys

The dynamics of the popularity of this category does not subside. Parents do their best to entertain their children. The most popular trends in 2022 will be smart toys – pets that follow voice commands, crying baby dolls, dollhouses with lights on. 40% of children want robots, about 20% – radio-controlled models of cars and airplanes. About 18% are engaged in creative work. Parents prefer to buy children’s products with an educational focus. The list of the most popular toy brands for the next year includes LOL, Barbie, Hot Wheels, Baby Born, Lego, My Little Pony, Play-Doh.

Auto parts

Motorists have long preferred to order and buy this category of goods on the Internet. Specificity helps: there are tens and hundreds of thousands of auto parts and accessories. No retail store can afford to keep the entire range in stock. Meanwhile, pieces of iron and consumables are needed, as a rule, even “yesterday”, that is, very urgently. This is especially true for corporate clients. Nobody likes to wait until the car is repaired while moving on foot. Therefore, opening an auto parts store was and remains a win-win option for a startup. In 2022, the picture will not change. True, there is no need to talk about innovations here – the market is relatively static.

Mobile transport

Bicycles, electric scooters and gyro scooters are a super-popular trend of the last year. Whenever possible, people try to avoid unnecessary contacts and refuse public transport. Mobile vehicles have become the best alternative to mini buses and metro.

The latest and trendiest trend in the niche is electric scooters . They account for up to 70% of all vehicle purchases. It is a safe, easy-to-operate, small-sized mode of transport. Popularity ratings on marketplaces are headed by models from the brands Xiaomi, Ninebot, Kugoo.

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