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Different Types of Water Filters Every Home Should Have

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You should be cautious about the water you drink each day. There are many chemicals and contaminants found in tap water that we use to cook, bathe, do laundry or clean dishes. Having clean water at home is imperative and you should do anything possible to purify it each day. 

Investing in the best water filtration system is a decision you will never regret. Water filters will make your water clean and taste better, and also gets rid of contaminants. Whether you are looking for a shower filter or tap water filtration system, you should get the best design in the market.

You should make an educated decision when looking for the best water filters in the market for your home. Water filters come in many different designs and you will come across huge catalogue to choose the best from. The model you get should purify your water stress-free and to satisfaction. 

Choosing the Best Water Filters for Your Home 

The best water filters should easily get rid of impurities in water and result to better quality water. Choosing the best water filters shouldn’t be that daunting if you know where to start or where to get different models. With this in mind, here are the different types of water filters to choose. 

Mechanical Filters

These water filters are a great choice if you want to remove waste matter and physical particles. Mechanical filters are widely used for pre-filtration method. When water flows through this filter, it will get stuck between synthetic form or nylon floss or pads. 

Reverse Osmosis Filters

Reverse osmosis water filters are a great choice for removing a high percentage of toxins including copper, salt, arsenic, fluoride, nitrates and hexavalent chromium. These water filters are a great choice for removing large amount of contaminants out of water including harmful waterborne bacteria.

Ultra Violet Filters

These types of water filters are a good choice for removing bacteria and viruses. They are an environmentally friendly option and they will clean water using different frequencies of ultraviolet light. UV light will kill bacteria and viruses sanitizing your drinking water. You can also use this filter to remove prevalent contaminants like lead, pesticide, and chlorine leaving your tap water clean and drinkable.

ION Exchange

ION exchange filters are a great choice for removing radioactive material and cleaning hard water. They come with a substance that will exchange one ion for another as water flows through the filter. For instance, it will replace magnesium ions which cause water hardness with sodium ions. The process will soften your water and you will no longer have to struggle with water that leaves stains on washed utensils. 

Activated Carbon Filters

You can also settle for activated carbon filters as they are a great choice for removing chlorine, agricultural chemicals, magnesium, chloroform and sediment. These filters will activated carbon to get rid of impurities and don’t require any power source.

Final Thoughts

There are different types of water filters in the market, but you should a model that will satisfy your water purification needs. Go for an environmentally friendly and cost-effective model that will clean your water and leave free from any impurities or contaminants. Always do your research and pick a standout model. The filters you get should be suitable for any level water contamination without breaking your bank account. 

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