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Decorate your home using French style mirrors

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Mirrors are a wonderful way to decorate your home. There is no particular room that we are talking about rather every wall of your house is suitable for using a mirror as the decorative item. Still, don’t have an idea where you can utilize the French style mirrors in your home? Go through this article in which we have highlighted some of the best places where you can use this special style of the mirror to make your home look more elegant and decorative.

Places where you can use French style mirrors:

Here are some of the areas of your home where you can use the French style mirrors and get the most value.

1.    Dining room:

The first and foremost suggestion that we have for you is to place your French style mirror on the broadest wall of your dining room. This will not only make your dining room look decorated; rather, it would also enhance the overall perception of the size of your dining room. So, you can get multiple benefits when going for this placement. Choosing the broadest wall is suggested because it would enhance the broadening impact as compared to one the placement of the mirrors on one of the smallest walls.

2.    Drawing room:

Drawing rooms are usually the fanciest part of our houses. So, why not go for French styled mirrors on the walls. Depending on the size of your drawing room, you can go for two small-sized mirrors on the same wall parallel to each other. This is even possible if you have a large window in the room. Placing two mirrors one on each of the sides will create fascinating impact. Additionally, the French style of mirrors is already known for the elegance that they bring in with them. So, you won’t have to buy other fancy decoration items to make your room filled and fancier.

3.    Lobby area:

Lobby areas are usually narrow. So, why not increase the outlook of the space available using French-style mirror. Putting a mirror on one of the entrance walls would also be a good way for greeting. Additionally, it would also be helpful in having the last look on your face while going out. One of the important suggestions here is that you should go for a small-sized mirror if your lobby area is not too big. You won’t like to be overly enthusiastic about the decoration by overdoing it.

4.    Living room:

You can also place a mirror in the living room. Here the size of the mirror can be big, especially elongated mirrors would look more appropriate in the living room. You’ll be able to have a view of yourself while enhancing the area perception of your room. Elongated mirrors would work totally fine because, in most of the cases, people spend most of the part of the day in the living room. So, having a mirror in the same room that would give an overall outlook of yours’ would be great. Moreover, using the French style mirror, you won’t need other products to fill your room when considering the aesthetic point of view.

5.    Bedroom:

One mirror is essential in the bedroom as well. It could be with your dressing. However, if you have mirrorless dressing, then going for a French-styled mirror would be the best choice that you can have. This is because it will compliment your bed, and you won’t even feel that your dressing is without a mirror.

Additionally, aesthetically your room would look more elegant with the presence of a mirror on one of the walls. Even if you have a proper dressing, using French styled mirrors are always there to enhance the overall beauty of the room. So, you should not miss it.


You can place the French-styled mirror in any of the rooms in your home. However, you don’t necessarily have to put mirrors in all your rooms. Choosing a few walls of the room would do. Have you made the choice which walls of your house would have the mirror? Once you are done, you can visit La Maison Chic for a great variety of mirrors available and find the best one.

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