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Debunking the Most Common Residential Roofing Myths That Exist Today

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U.S. homeowners spend around $987 on residential roofing repair per year. Many homeowners are paying too much for roofing costs, however, thanks to common roofing myths.

Do you want to get the most from your roof and your budget? This article debunks five popular roofing industry myths that could be impacting your bank balance.

1. Residential Roofing Doesn’t Need Regular Maintenance

Even a smart homeowner can neglect regular roofing maintenance. Unless a roof has visible damage or noticeable leaks, it’s easy to assume a roof is in good repair.

Minor roof fixes can be difficult to detect for untrained eyes. A roofing inspection by professional roofers will uncover all the little problems before they turn into big problems.

Home maintenance costs average over $3,000 a year. It’s tempting to skimp on local roofers and either try DIY maintenance or wait until more major repairs are needed to save money.

These short-term maintenance cost savings will bite your budget in the long run, however.

2. Professional Roofers Are Too Expensive for Minor Repair Work

Some DIY repairs can actually make roof problems worse. And even if you’re skilled enough for minor repairs, DIY repairs will void your roof warranty. You’ll then have to pay out of pocket for problems that were once covered by the manufacturer.

The gap between minor and major roof repair costs is enough to make regular minor repairs the better budget strategy. Low-end repairs average only $140. High-end repairs are over $4,000, however.

One $4,000 major repair is the same as eight years worth of regular roof inspections and minor repairs at around $500 per year. Keeping up with this service also helps you avoid expensive roof replacements before they’re necessary.

3. A Roof Only Needs Replacing from Major Damage

One common misconception holds that residential roofing will last forever unless it’s severely damaged. Every roof has a lifespan.

Some roofs average 20-30 years, and other roofs can last up to 50-75 years, depending on manufacture and material type.

Professional roofers can help you extend the life of your roof. But even the best-maintained roof will need eventual replacement.

In addition to safety hazards, an outdated roof can dent your home value. The ROI on a new roof is 109 percent, according to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. This means house sellers can potentially recoup their new roof costs with a higher resell value.

4. Metal or Dark Shingle Roofs Raise Your Energy Costs

Many homeowners shy away from metal roofs or roofs with dark shingles. Dark colors absorb heat and metal conducts heat, so it seems safe to assume these residential roofing types will result in higher cooling costs.

Insulation has more influence than roofing color, however. If your home isn’t properly insulated, light-colored shingles won’t make a noticeable difference. Likewise, a properly insulated home will negate any extra energy absorption from dark-colored shingles.

The material also makes more of a difference to energy costs. Metal is very reflective, more so than even light-colored shingles. A metal roof is actually highly energy-efficient and can reduce cooling costs by 25 to 40 percent.

5. New Shingles Can Be Added On Top Of Old Ones

This common myth is both dangerous and costly. Adding new shingles over old shingles may temporarily stop leaks or other issues. But this also significantly increases the weight on your roof.

Residential roofing can only sustain so much weight before structural damage happens. On top of that, as the new shingles wear and tear your roofing problems will become worse.

You’ll have two layers of damaged roof repairs instead of one. It will also be more difficult to repair the underlayment, sheathing, and other sub-roof layers.

Finding The Best Roofing Company Near Me

It can be difficult to tell roofing facts from roofing myths. Smart homeowners can save on residential roofing costs by hiring reputable roofing professionals for regular maintenance and proper installation.

For more smart homeowner tips and tricks, check out other articles on our blog! We offer insights into everything from lawn care to interior design.

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