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Classic Interior Design: 6 Ideas for Taking You Back to the Old West

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Do you long to capture a western vibe in your home but don’t know where to start? Creating the perfect feeling can prove tricky. After all, it’s easy to cross the line from cowboy chic to kitschy roadside attraction.

Fortunately, you can create a nostalgic, rustic feel that doesn’t feel over-the-top or artificial if you know what you’re doing. When you bear in mind a few basic considerations, you’ll be amazed at the incredible classic interior design you can harness.

Keep reading for our top picks for contemporary and historical interior design ideas that’ll make you love coming home.

  1. Pick the Right Palette

What’s one of the most critical steps when it comes to getting the quintessential Wild West look? You’ve got to pick your palette with care. That means selecting warm-toned hues featuring plenty of deep brown shades as well as sandy shades.

You’ll also want to invest in accessories that provide pops of color in tried and trueflavors of fir green, clear blue sky, and vibrant red. When coupled with natural materials such as genuine leather, wood, stone, and wrought iron, you’ll find yourself living in a masterpiece.

  1. Select the Right Decor

Besides the perfect palette, interior decorating is all about the accessories you choose. We’ve already mentioned essential textures and materials that you’ll want to place in your home. But consider the cut and styling of furniture for the ultimate rustic appeal, too.

Besides furniture, additional touches can go a long way toward evoking an outdoorsy vibe. These include items such as a house plant for greenery and a cozy stone fireplace. Another essential purchase is these saloon doors, providing an elegant touch of Western whimsy.

  1. Incorporate Unexpected Touches 

While it can be easy to go crazy with western decor, you also want to balance it with some unexpected pieces. For example, consider modern touches such as an animal print rug. And there’s nothing like the addition of a few mounted heads to add rustic character to a room.

  1. Opulent Admixtures

Lately, we’ve noticed an attractive trend toward mixing opulent and luxurious details with western-inspired elements. And we’ve got to admit, we’re head over heels for the result.

Consider mixing frontier-exuding art with animal-themed chairs and plush rugs. A few Victorian touches such as floral couches add a little grandeur to the look, especially when staged against a stone wall or fireplace.

  1. Historical Design That’s Simplistic 

While many people enjoy piling on the accessories and decor when it comes to a cowboy-themed room, you don’t have to. A few eye-catching, historically-inspired accessories in an otherwise spare, minimalist room can have an elegant impact.

Historical design ideas may include everything from the addition of wall art to a well-placed antique. Just remember to keep it simple.

  1. Rock-Inspired Western Design

We’re also enjoying an of-the-moment rock ‘n’ roll approach to interior decor with an underlying frontier feel. After all, rockstars and cowboy hats have long been a much-appreciated cross-over.

To pull off this theme, include leather, animal print, and memorabilia from your favorite long-haired, cowboy-hat-wearing rockers.

Classic Interior Design With a Frontier Flair

Are you ready to explore more classic interior design ideas that’ll take your home from average to chic? We’ve got you covered.

We’ve scoured the globe to find the latest and greatest in home decor, from classic western design to Scandinavian functionality and more. Browse our blog now for the tips you need to rock the perfect interior decorating vibe.


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