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Budgeting for Roof Replacement? 5 Money Saving Strategies

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You may be wondering how much does a new roof or roof replacement costs. Well, it depends on what kind of roof you’re building.

For example, a roof with shingles costs between $2.50 to $11 per square foot. It also depends on what kind of shingles you want. Cedar shingles cost more than other types of shingles.

Prices also vary depending on where you live and the cost of housing. Here are 5 ways to help you save money on your roof replacement cost.

1. Do Your Research

Knowing and understanding the size of your roof is the first step to saving money. You’ll need to know what materials your roof needs before calling a contractor. These little details keep cost encourage negotiable pricing and keep cost estimates dependable.

One square means you’ll need 100 square feet of roofing material. Keep in mind, disposal fees and installation are likely included in an estimate.

2. Look Around

Make sure to get quotes from many companies before settling on a contractor. And, remember to request a reference before hiring someone. This way you know the business is reputable.

Remain cautious when spotting low bids. This may be a sign the business may do subpar work. Ask every business you speak to if they offer a warranty installation and materials.

3. Is the Time Right?

In the roofing industry, business picks up around late summer and early fall. You may want to avoid these times if you’re thinking about a roof replacement. Call a contractor during the off-season and you may get a discount on your roof replacement cost.

4. Overlay Materials

Overlaying roofing materials may save on the average cost to replace a roof. But, if you’re considering overlay, proceed with caution.

Overlaying materials often involves placing new shingles over existing ones. Since the old roof stays in place, you save money on labor and it costs less. This may shorten the warranty lifespan and increase the future need for replacement.

5. Watch for Sales and Discounts

When researching types of roofing, keep an eye out for any sales and discounts on materials. Hiring a local contractor may decrease the cost to replace roof shingles.

If you have time before the replacement, sign up for announcements. You’ll receive alerts for discounts and sales on materials while you’re waiting.

When asking for a discount on materials, consider the company’s reputation. Some contractors may advertise discounts and sales during the off-season.

Roof Replacement: The Cost

The cost of a roof replacement depends on which company you hire. But there are plenty of ways you can save money on your roof replacement. One way to do this is to do your homework and look for discounts and sale opportunities.

Many roofing contractors advertise sales and discounts during the off-season. This is because they tend to be busier during the late summer and early fall. Snap deals up where you can or look elsewhere.

Other tips include overlaying materials and hiring a local company. For more tips on saving money on roof replacement, visit our website.

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