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Best Ways to Transform Your Older Home

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Transforming your older home may seem like a daunting task, and you may feel like giving up on it before you have even gotten started. However, many home improvements can spruce up older homes and ensure that they start looking as good as new. If you want your own home to start looking better, this article has some of the best ways that you can transform your older home this year. 

Get a Reproduction Fireplace

Is your home lacking in traditional period features? If the original features of your home have unfortunately been stripped away or covered over, you should consider restoring these. One of the first features that were usually removed from period houses when central heating started to be used more often is fireplaces. If your house used to have a period fireplace that you are sorely missing and that you want to bring back, you should consider looking for a reproduction fireplace. You can find a fireplace to suit the era of your home by getting in contact with companies like Stonewoods. They offer a range of reproduction and antique fireplaces that can help to evoke the past within your home. 

Restore the Flooring 

Many older homes have wooden flooring that has been covered over time by other materials, such as tiles and carpeting. Instead of replacing the flooring that you have, you should consider restoring the original flooring with a regime of sanding and polishing. By doing this, you can ensure that the original flooring is not lost and that it can be preserved for generations to come. However, if the flooring cannot be rescued or has had past problems with pests, you might consider looking for hardwood flooring that replicates this past flooring. 

Think About Front Door Pillars

If you want to add a bit of sophistication to your older home and ensure that you can make the past inhabitants of the house proud, you should consider investing in front door pillars, surrounds, or columns to go around your front door. This can help to give your home a refined and regal edge that will make it stand out from the other houses around it, and that can allow your house’s entryway to be reminiscent of classic designs. However, you should ensure that these pillars fit in with your house’s location and the other houses in your area.

Add Plants

Every older home can benefit from a couple of small finishing touches. One such small finishing touch that looks great is adding plants to your home. Not only may you consider installing window boxes onto the front of your home if you live in a cottage, but you might also consider placing a lot of indoor plants within your home. These can be exotic and will instantly make your home look more expensive. They can also hide any element of your home that you are not happy with and can make your home feel fresh and new. Look around for the most interesting indoor plants that suit the conditions of your older home. 


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