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Bespoke Tiles: Bring Your Space Into Life

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It is here! Time to update your outdated home, particularly your guest bathroom. The tufted bathroom carpet, avocado green wallpaper, and varnished wood paneling are out of style nowadays. Now, they are finally getting the boot from the bath too. Tiento is finally here to make that outdated bathroom, guestroom, and living room spice up and has this sophisticated ambiance with bespoke tiles.

While searching for the styles and ideas, you have come across hundreds of varieties of glamorously tiled rooms, master baths, or lavatories, and wondered why there are so many different tile options. Which tile is best for the master bedroom and bathroom? You must dig deep into how these tiles for particular spaces are the best choice among the rest.

For tile flooring

When speaking of quick home improvement projects, redoing the flooring has an aspect with the most dramatic impact. There is no other material delivering a better rate of return on investment than an enhanced value offered by installing a tile. Whether you consider adding a river rock tile to your new subway tile backsplash in the kitchen, or walk-in shower, the natural beauty of tile enhances the aesthetic appeal of the home and keeps moisture and some other substances from causing damage to the walls or subfloor.

  • Design versatility. A tile is available in varieties of colors, sizes, textures, and materials. These are the unique appearance of this tile:
  • Fresh glossy whites
  • Linen-textured sage green
  • Geometric and modern to rustic and old world

Tiles are one of the more diverse decorative elements available for home improvement ideas. Perfect for high-traffic areas, such as the living room or kitchen, or humidity-plagued areas, such as the bathroom, the tile for walls and flooring is here. Installing a backsplash tile over the stove or sink in the kitchen protects drywall from spills and splashes while keeping the overall design in check.

But, don’t think the options are limited for using tiles in the bathroom or on walls or kitchen alone, you can install tiles in any room of your home, from generating artistic subway tiles. There are several options for using different types of tiles limited only to your creative imagination.

  • Easy cleaning. While tile is made from natural stone and requires regular resealing, tile is one of the easiest and low-maintenance flooring options too. You can’t wet-mop a hardwood floor or even sanitize the carpet with bleach, but a tile is possible, and cleaning up is a breeze. Even if a dining room floor was attacked by a team of toddlers eating spaghetti, cleaning the tile floors involved sweeping the muck and wiping clean with warm and soapy water.
  • Low-maintenance. Yes, it is a fact that Tiento tiles require low maintenance. It is also simple to repair.

Go for these bespoke tiles!

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