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All investors and corporates must know about data center architecture!

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Designing any commercial space comes with inherent challenges. However, a data center is even more complex. Data center architecture, in simple words, is basically about having a physical layout of the center, keeping resources, equipment and other requirements of the facility in mind. There are a handful of companies that that deal in data center architecture, and it is absolutely important to consider the right. Here’s what investors need to know before they take the leap.

Find the right architectural practice

This is easily the first step of planning a data center. You want a company like Stendel + Reich data center architects that can handle your requirements while adhering to a budget at the same time. Most experts do include data center architecture as a part of industrial architecture, but in practice, designing such a space requires more understanding. This is also because data centers rely on technology, automation and a whole range of equipment, and most of it is subject to change. The role of an architectural practice for data center design, planning and engineering is highly important, because they don’t simply create the blueprint but also supervise the deployment. It is a complete layered process, which can take time, often months in planning, especially for big data centers.

Working with a team of architects

When it comes to working with an architectural practice, it has to be a collaborative experience. The company you choose will offer ideas, and you can share yours. The work should be about minimizing costs and maximizing the use of space. To know a company better, start the first meeting by discussing their work profile. Check what they have done so far, and if they have designed data centers, ask about the scale and scope. It is also necessary to have a futuristic view of the project, because tech-based solutions are bound to change, and you want a facility that can adapt to these changes and stay relevant for the long run.

Final word

Data center architecture is unique and only a known company should be selected for the actual work. Ideas must be tested, and all possible consequences, future needs, and tech trends must be evaluated from the perspective of the facility. Also, while working with a new firm for your design needs, check the experience and qualifications of their core team and ask for client references before giving the final nod.  

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