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All About Adding A Beautiful Butterfly Motif To Your Décor

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Butterflies have always been extremely popular during the Victorian era. They were depicted on wallpapers and fabric all the time. After all, think about the endurance, optimism, and change that they symbolize. Also, they are accepted as a common motif in many other cultures like Japanese, Chinese, Indian, and even French.

Now, when the summer will be upon us soon, why not include this beautiful motif in your home décor, even if it is in the simplest manner? To help you with this, here we have some ideas for you. Using these tips, you will be able to create attractive butterfly walls around you…

Top 6 ideas to include butterfly motifs in your home décor

  1. Use a butterfly wallpaper

Gone are the days when butterfly motifs were only suitable for nurseries. Today, there are unlimited design and color options available in wallpapers, and butterflies are surely one of the most used motifs. Highlight a single wall in any room with wallpaper with butterflies on it, and you are done. The entire room will have a summery feel and the bright colors of butterflies will bring out the best in any room.

  1. Try including stickers

If you don’t want to make a long-term commitment, try using removable butterfly stickers on the wall. These are easy to acquire and install. Also, it will prove to be a lot cheaper. You can shop these online as well as at local stores depending on your convenience.

  1. Add a statement piece to your room

It is pretty convenient to add a block-colored, stripped linen or floral linen wing chair or chaise longue in the bedroom, but why not do something different instead? Use an intriguing all-over butterfly print fabric to create a statement piece and flaunt it by placing it in your bedroom or living room.


Image Credit: https://www.istockphoto.com/photo/home-interior-of-a-contemporary-living-room-with-furniture-gm639822898-115543285?phrase=Home%20D%C3%A9cor

  1. Incorporate some 3D butterflies

3D butterflies available in hobby shops just look lifelike when used on walls and furniture around any room. They bring a spark, especially when used in the living room or an indoor garden. Usually, these 3D butterfly stickers come with a dab of strong adhesive or double side tape. You can install it within minutes, and of course, remove it without damaging your wall paint or furniture polish.

  1. Re-do your dining room furniture with butterfly fabric

If your kitchen is quite simple, add some colors and drama to it by using butterfly fabric for your standard-looking set of dining chairs. A bright and bold-looking fabric with butterflies all over it will surely enhance the overall look and glamour of your otherwise dull and gloomy-looking kitchen.

  1. Hang butterfly frames

This can be done for any room. simply hang framed butterfly prints in any room and thereby add a dash of class and style. You can use economical black or white frames for this and yet it will create the most striking effect.

Well, so you see there are such amazing ways in which you can add butterfly motifs to your décor. What are you waiting for now? Check out the most fascinating butterfly wallpapers, stickers, 3D stickers, pintables, fabrics, etc. right away.

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