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A Transitional Kitchen – the Dream for Many Homeowners

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Kitchen is the heart and soul of your house. It is not just the place where you will be cooking the meal for your loved ones. It is also the place that will express your choices and preferences. After all, your house is the extension of your personality. And when you are planning to decorate it beautifully, you are just creating a reflection of your personality. So, it is necessary that you design it in a way so that it will give a glimpse of you to the guests.

Now, if you are a person who is meticulous and busy while you don’t compromise with your values and ethics either, a transitional kitchen can be a good choice for you too. Practical, stylish and stunning, a transitional kitchen is currently a quite popular choice for any modern American household. So, what are the basic principles of designing such a kitchen? Take a look.

The Basic Principles of Designing a Stunning Transitional Kitchen

  • The most basic style of such a kitchen décor is geometric, clean practical lines. When you are choosing a countertop, cabinetry, crown molding or any other elements, this should be the most dominant factor.
  • To illuminate the space, the best choice can be industrial lighting. Antique and practical, this is the best choice for such a kitchen.
  • Simple cabinets with inset doors or shaker style that will again enhance the practicality of the design.
  • A perfect amalgamation of earthy tones, artificial materials, and neutral shades, this is the perfect pick for any modern household.
  • Focal on functionality that will make sure your kitchen offers you the chance to work with ease even during your busy hours.

So, now as you know about these basic points you need to incorporate in your transitional kitchen, the next thing that you need is some basic tips. Take a look at the following points to get a glimpse of the best things that you can do with your kitchen.

Find Inspiration

The first and foremost thing that you have to do is finding inspiration. Design should have a direction. And for that, you need to get inspired. Find what you want in your kitchen. You don’t need to mix and fuse everything flawlessly. A transitional kitchen is all about the flaws that are so casually scattered around and yet it all looks meticulously. Don’t worry about the defects others might see. Let the design exude the confidence that is essentially the reflection of your personality.

Neutral Shade or Monochrome

 When you are choosing the most prominent fixture of your kitchen, the cabinets, go for neutral shade or white. Vintage in appeal and pristine in harm, this can be the best option for your transitional kitchen. Choose vintage white cabinets that will go well all the other earthy tone in floors, walls or industrial lights.

Paler Background with Textured Fixture

If you are choosing the cream and beige background, then opt for wooden grain and texture.  Modern walnut cabinets can exude the warm earthy magic that can become an integral part of the kitchen. When the warm golden brown glow will get mixed with the paler background, it will create the warmth that is essential for a cozy kitchen. Adding a bit of fabric in such a kitchen that will create a muted elegance in the kitchen can be a good idea.

Industrial Lighting with Copper Accent

When you are planning a kitchen that will be transitional, adding industrial lights is the best way to add a touch of glamour. Choose steampunk lights with a copper accent that will beautifully complement the muted earthy tone of the kitchen.

So, now as you know about these styles, incorporate in your design and let the magic begin in this transitional style.

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